If The Slipper Fits, Wear It...

By Lara Boyko - April 03, 2007

Rutgers is currently down by six, but in thinking about how if Rutgers can come back and win tonight, they will be considered a Cinderella team for making it further than three out of the four No. 1 seeds, I only have to look at how Jeff, Jess and I spent some quality time together today.

While lounging in Jeff's hotel room after preparing for our blogs, we enjoyed watching 'Ever After' with Jeff's favorite actress Drew Barrymore.

When the scene came on where Prince Charming rescues Cinderella from her imprisonment and slips on the ornately adorned slipper designed by Salvatore Ferragamo, we all three got a little tear in our eyes and sighed.

While Jeff may be Prince Charming for some lucky girl, Jess and I still have hope of finding our own Prince Charming one day (Jess does have the advantage as she goes home to New York to her boyfriend, while I go home to my 7 month old Westie, Biscuit (who is affectionately named after Seabiscuit and will be unconditionally happy to see me after this four day trip even though it's the same look he gives me after I am out running errands for an hour)). Then the hopeless romantic in me reminded myself that even though as a 30-something and having a better chance of being in an airplane crash (knock on wood during my two flights in the morning), there's still some hope of finding my own Prince Charming, though I can't claim that he will be found here in Cleveland before I leave tomorrow. Yet maybe Rutgers will find their glass slipper before the night is over.

Stay tuned, more from the WAC report to come...

Posted by Lara Boyko at 09:19 PM on April 03, 2007
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You might be as likely to be in a plane crash, but you're more likely to blog about meeting Prince Charming. You have to think of the little black box as being at least half full.

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