Ignorant Imus

By Jeff Lippman - April 10, 2007

Don Imus has never met Matee Ajavon. He has never spoken with Essence Carson. He has not seen the emotion and sadness of a team, minutes after they have fallen short in the national championship game. But he is now associated with Rutgers women’s basketball in a way that can never be erased.

When Imus and his producer Bernard McGuirk spoke their ignorant words about the Rutgers women's basketball team they casually shattered a season of accomplishment.

Instead of being lauded for all they accomplished this season, a Final Four, and a near national championship, the Scarlet Knights find themselves in the midst of a media whirlwind, are forced to share their uplifting story with a shameful one.

The most despicable part of this whole thing is these girls didn't need this now. They played their hearts out in the tournament for their school and for the state of New Jersey and they came up just short of doing something no one ever believed they could do. They were already crushed that this season was over; they didn't need racism and negativity weighing over their heads as well.

For C. Vivian Stringer and her team, this should be a time of joy and celebration for the successes of the past season, but one radio host has changed the way this Rutgers team will be remembered. Rutgers should remember that doesn't change the way they look back at themselves.

The Scarlet Knights should be too proud to let something like this get them down. They proved all season they are better than anyone thought they were. Don Imus is just another hater to prove wrong.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 02:29 PM on April 10, 2007
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This whole thing is a joke. Don Imus has been doing the same shtick for 38 years and has said things much worse than this. If you don't like him, don't listen to him.

A joke? Seeing someone even think it is a joke is a sad commentary on the state of society.

Yes, this is Imus' shtick, but this was not funny. It's not like anyone really wants to hear him, but he crossed a line and everyone who doesn't want to listen to him is now having to hear what he said.

Jon, if it had been a female broadcaster who made a similar derogatory comment about a man, would it also be a joke or would she just be another dumb (female dog) or ditzy blonde who should be fired because she doesn't know what she is talking about?

I wonder, do you have a daughter and if so, are you having a good laugh about this with her? Or if your daughter was called names at school one day by some creep who enjoys making fun of others as his shtick, would you laugh at her or would you be upset at the jerk who had no respect for her?

Maybe it's not so funny after all.

This is not about Don Imus, who incidentally was hired as a disc-jockey because he had biting and satirical humor in his delivery.
The issue is about apathy.
Apathy of the American black man who lets anyone speak for them, and the apathy of the American white man who accepts what those representatives say.
The statement made by Imus is clearly not racist when 20% of the team is white so it can be taken as a slight against women. But as I say
Imus's humor can be very acrimonious, so wasn't he just doing the job he was hired for?
Relative to the gender issue
aren't women called worse than "hos" (or worse) when she doesn't meet a man's expectation and doesn't a woman call a man a bastard (or worse) when he doesn't meet her's?
So really, the gender issue dosn't "hold water" either.
Nappy according to Webster is defined as wirey.
In general the Negro race does have a finer and much more wirey hair in consistency, which if I were a black, I would be proud of.
The American black must not cause the white to awaken from his slumber or we could revert to the old days of separate restrooms and second class citizenship.
Worse than that, it will erase the hard work of Dr. Martin Luther King and his associates.
Many thanks,
Bob Cornell

I am a Rutgers graduate and sports fan who sat glued to the screen watching the heart and grit displayed by the Lady Knights during the NCAAs. I am also an Imus listener who was listening to the comments made by Imus and Bernie and did not like them. I did what I do whenever he, or any other entertainer, says things I find offensive - I changed the channel.

The hypocrisy of this firestorm is astonishing. The offensive and inappropriate language he used is the EXACT language I have heard from dozens of male AND female comedians and recording artists of color. Where is the outrage there?

Let's get one thing straight - he was fired because his comments were bad for business. The program has skewered people of all races, religions, and genders for decades, making many executives very wealthy along the way. Now that this incident makes the program not profitable, the program has become offensive.

There are literally thousands of others entertainers and media personalities who say equally or more offensive things: somehow I don't think 50Cent or Rush Limbaugh will be getting fired anytime soon.

In closing, during the Lady Knights magical run, we heard a lot about the academic achievements and work ethic of this special group of young women of mixed ethnicity. Thus far, they have handled this terrible situation with grace and class that brings honor to themselves, and pride to this Rutgers alumnus.

Isn't it ironic what a huge deal the media makes this story out to be while an even bigger scandal at LSU was almost completely swept under the rug by the same news-entertainment sources. That, my friend, is 2-faced politicized reporting.

Thing is, Imus could come out of all of this making more money than he was before. Give him a month or two as a cooling off period, then the satellite radios will be bidding on him. Barring major advertisers threatening to boycott, I don't see competitive radio companies staying away from him longterm. He had an audience before, and unfortunately, he'll get just as big of one, and for every listener turned off by all of this, there's at least one who will now tune just to hear him the next time he crosses the same line. What's good for Rutgers is they have every reason to be back in the Final Four next season, when all this will resurface again.

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