Oh, How Obnoxious

By Lara Boyko - April 03, 2007

Forget Stanford or UCLA, the Most Obnoxious band award goes to Tennessee.

Essence Carson is on the free throw line shooting three and every time she misses her shot, the crowd is treated to their chant of "Oh no, how embarrassing."

Personally, wearing that shade of orange is embarrassing enough.

Stay tuned, one more WAC report for the game.

Posted by Lara Boyko at 10:37 PM on April 03, 2007
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Welcome to college sports, where that is what makes the game the game. I have heard a lot worse come from the mouths of others students and bands. If you cant take the banter and the heat you shouldnt be playing college basketball, and if you are playing college basketball you should hit all your free throws. Oh and that shade of Orange now has 7 national titles, seems quite alright to me.....a lot better than writing a blog for CSTV.com. The funny thing is I dont even know how I got here.

cry much? Its a sport. The fun part of it is antogonizing the other team. Go to an SEC football game and you'll learn the true meaning. Until then please do us all a favor and reserve any further foolishness that may slip out of your mouth.

Mr. Anderton,

We would love to enlist your services as a fellow CSTV.com blogger, especially if anything we can do, you can do better. Bring it.


Obviously you've never been to a Duke game. UT's band hardly qualifies as obnoxious compared to the entire Duke cheering section at any game, any time.

Of course the Vol Cheerleader got the most and possible craziest band award. It's volnation people get used to The Vols.

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