Playing Catch Up

By Jessica Garrison - April 04, 2007

Catching you up on a couple of picks:

Bernice Mosby, transfer from Florida who picked up the Sophia Young torch at Baylor, went the Mystics at No. 6.

Katie Gearlds, Purdue's heart and soul, now packs her galoshes and heads for Seattle at 7.

And making WNBA Draft history (you read it here first) is Ashley Shields from Southwest Tennessee Community College, the first JuCo player to be drafted into the pros. She's so far under the radar that ESPN had to get its highlight reel of Shields' own home videos, though it looks like someone in the Shields family has a future in cinematography.

In trade news, Annie Myers just talked about all the "many" offers she had for Lindsay Harding before trading her. Looks like Harding's finally getting the credit she deserves for being the best player in college basketball for most of the 2007 season.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 01:42 PM on April 04, 2007

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