By Lara Boyko - April 03, 2007

In thinking about who will end up with the rockstar performance of the tournament and the Most Outstanding Performance (MOP) recognition, here are a few famous rockstars from each school's state and their hometown:

New Jersey
Jon Bon Jovi, Sayreville
Lauryn Hill, South Orange
Paul Robeson, Princeton
Frank Sinatra, Hoboken
Bruce Springsteen, Freehold
Sarah Vaughan, Newark
Dionne Warwick, East Orange

Eddy Arnold, Henderson
Chet Atkins, Lutrell
Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bristol
Aretha Franklin, Memphis
Dolly Parton, Sevierville
Tina Turner, Brownsville

Stay tuned to the WAC report, the rockstar of the Final Four is coming up following the gameā€¦

Posted by Lara Boyko at 10:00 PM on April 03, 2007
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I did not realize how musically gifted these two states are. It's probably better than Ernie Ford wasn't born, say, in Newark, because I don't know how far "New Jersey Ernie Ford" would make it, even in the proud state of New Jersey.

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