Southwestern Northern Who?

By Jessica Garrison - April 04, 2007

One of the most beautiful things I've noticed about this year's WNBA Draft is the diversity of schools represented in the first and second rounds. Even if the national title game didn't reflect the growing parity in the women's game, the schools of the best seniors in the nation as represented by the draft picks certainly shows that women's basketball has got it going on outside of Tennessee and Connecticut.

Southwest Tennessee Community College takes the cake with Ashley Shields becoming the first junior college player to break into the WNBA draft. (In the top ten no less!) But there are plenty of other schools whose names you don't hear every day, whose logo gear isn't sold at your local sporting good stores, and here their players are being considered the best of the best by the drafting teams.

Delaware (Tyresa Smith, Pick No. 18 Phoenix)
South Dakota St (Megan Vogel, No. 19 to Washington)
Northern Illinois (Stephanie Raymond, No. 20 to Chicago)
Iona (Martinna Weber, No. 29 to New York)
MIddle Tennessee State (Chrissy Givens, No. 31 to Phoenix)

Several of these players, especially Givens, were no national secret this season, but on the whole this group represents something special about the game: national TV time, big power conference notwithstanding, may the best woman win.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 02:41 PM on April 04, 2007

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