The Champ Is Here

By Jessica Garrison - April 04, 2007

Tennesse just got its first shout out of the WNBA draft, as Sidney Spencer goes to the LA Sparks at the 25th spot. Her national title game performance certainly only helped her draft stock.

Talk about a big 24 hours. Play national title game. Win national title. Receive trophy, hats, commemorative t-shirts. Speak in about 47 press conferences. Sleep?. Meet with agents. Attend WNBA Draft. Get drafted. Make plans for your first job out of college -- as a professional basketball player.

And I thought my breakfast at the Embassy Suites, draft coverage and flight home made for a packed schedule...

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 02:34 PM on April 04, 2007
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I'm so happy for Sydney Spencer...and the Lady Vols. Here's to a long and successful career in the WNBA for her - and all the other Lady Vols who have gone pro in the past, and will do so in the future.

please change the font darkness on your articles. you have a great site, but the very light blue font is difficult to read, even on my new monitor. thanks.


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