The rainbow of colors...

By Lara Boyko - April 01, 2007

The Final Four is sold out and even though not every seat is filled right now, just about every team in the Final Four is well represented for this first game of the night.

Behind me sporting the purple, gold and mardi gras jewelry and decorative head wear are the LSU fans as Jeff Lipmann posted below.

Diagonally across from the LSU fans are the Rutgers fans proudly creating a sea of red in three sections of the lower level and an entire section of seats in the second level of seats.

Meanwhile the Tennessee fans are getting their money's worth from their tickets by being in attendance for the first game. The Tennessee fans in their glowing orange outnumber the LSU and Rutgers fans combined.

Lastly there is not much baby blue and white to be seen as UNC fans have yet to make their presence known.

Stay tuned, more from the WAC report to come...

Posted by Lara Boyko at 07:12 PM on April 01, 2007

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