UNC-Tenn: From the Sidelines

By Jessica Garrison - April 01, 2007

Look, we've obviously got a marquee matchup here between UNC and Tennessee, but even with their marquee players on the bench, this is very obvious: Ivory Latta and Candace Parker, love 'em or hate 'em, are great for the game of women's basketball.

They're emotional, they're entertaining, they're annoying, they're stellar players. They're everything a nice little lady shouldn't be and everything a great basketball player should be. Great in two senses -- both in their play on the court, the x's and o's and numbers of their performance, but also in the sense of importance, the sense of entertainment that they projecy upon their game. We were snoozing on press row, even with Fowles and Vaughn slamming on the inside -- and now we're riveted, and all Latta and Parker have to do is scream from the sidelines. These two young women are stars, and just as stars defined an era of success for the NBA, so could a pair of stars like these define an era of personality and grown in the women's game.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 09:59 PM on April 01, 2007

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