How Many People Fit In A Cleveland Cab?

By Jessica Garrison - April 02, 2007

Forget She's On Fire -- We're On Fire! We just got to watch the scoreboard being lowered to the court and sit just 20 feet from HUGE bursts of flame as they burned off the remaining pyrotechnic gas. Things really can’t go uphill from here.

We may not be riding off into the sunset, but your faithful blog team is going to hit the streets of Cleveland for what promises to be another memorable night on the town. Last night, moves were made and legends were born, and with more than a few members of the media planning to drink away the memory of their beat team's loss, we intrepid three may have a lot on our hands.

This is Jeff, Jess and Lara saying Goodnight, Cleveland. Stay tuned…

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 12:51 AM on April 02, 2007
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Is it bad that I giggle at any use of the term "pyrotechnic gas"? All I can say is stay away from the Zelnorm.

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