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By Jeff Lippman - May 07, 2007

After the decision was made to lengthen the distance of the three-point line from the basket in the men's college game, it was discussed whether or not the women needed to make the same adjustment.

The women declined, meaning that now courts across America will be littered with confusing parabolas with men's players being disappointed when their supposed three-pointer only counts as two and with the women wrongly pulling up prematurely.

Chaos and mayhem may--and probably won't--ensue.

Something tells me that when Duke's Abby Waner sets herself to fire from deep, she's not going to care what stripe lay below--and infront of--her feet. She'll swish bombs from anywhere on the court and so will the rest of the women's games top three-point specialists. Confusing lines and all.

Coaching Carousel Update:

With all the openings in women's basketball coaching this offseason, there have been plenty of job opportunities to go around.

But with all the names changing places and coaches being hired left and right, one coach--who owns a national championship ring--won't be returning to the sidelines next season. She'll be going into the booth.

Former Florida Gators coach Carolyn Peck, who won her national title with Purdue, has been hired by ESPN as a basketball analyst for college and the WNBA, as well as some NBA-related duties.

You have to wonder if Peck, still very early in her coaching career, is just burnt out from coaching for a while or if her results--or lack thereof--in Gainesville make her a volatile option for many programs.

Although there is the national title to her credit, she did have ample time with an already strong Florida Gators squad at a school now called Titletown with the best possible facilities and still ran that team into the ground.

The itch to coach will be too great however, and I predict we'll see coach Peck winning games on the sidelines within the next few years.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 01:01 PM on May 07, 2007

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