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Monday, 06/25/07

Bleeding Scarlet

Women's basketball needed the extra attention, but this is ridiculous.

Rutgers women's basketball has been making regular trips to media headlines ever since their title-game loss to Tennessee in Cleveland at the Final Four, they just haven't been for very positive reasons.

First there was that whole Don Imus incident, and now, a former aide to coach C. Vivian Stringer has been sentenced to three years in prison for stealing from the coach.

Stringer has been quoted saying she wishes the team could get back to being just another talented women's basketball team, but the fact is, all this controversy and media inclusion guarantees to keep the Scarlet Knights in the media's eye all next season, something that both Stringer and Rutgers will definitely not complain about.

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Posted by Jeff Lippman at 01:57 PM | Comments (2)

Monday, 06/18/07

They Goin' Moscow

While the news that the USA women's basketball program has chipped their Under-21 roster down to its final 12 participants is slightly old hat, chances are many of the readers of this blog have yet to hear about it. So here it goes.

The final roster that will travel to Moscow, Russia to play in the World Championships on June 29-July 8, consists of 12 stellar athletes.

They are: Oklahoma's Courtney Paris, Jolene Anderson of Wisconsin, DeWanna Bonner of Auburn, Rutgers' Essence Carson and Kia Vaughn, Maryland's Laura Harper and Crystal Langhorne, Ashley Houts of Georgia, Marscilla Packer from Ohio State, Abby Waner of Duke, Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton of Purdue and last but not least, Stanford's three-time All-American Candice Wiggins.

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Posted by Jeff Lippman at 04:07 PM | Comment

Tuesday, 06/12/07

Hold the Chamique

One of women's basketball's greats has decided to call it a career--a short career--as Chamique Holdsclaw of the Los Angeles Sparks announced her intent to retire Monday, just weeks into her ninth WNBA season.

The former Tennessee star, who is the Lady Vols career leader in points and rebounds--not for long if Candace Parker has her way--and who led Tennessee to three consecutive national titles, has been troubled the past few seasons.

The 6-foot-2 forward has struggled with the loss of her grandmother in 2002 and grandfather in 2004, fighting bouts of depression along the way.

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Posted by Jeff Lippman at 03:35 PM | Comments (2)

Monday, 06/11/07

A Hall of a Place

You want further proof that Tennessee is the hub of women's college basketball?

As if winning seven national championships, having the winningest coach in any collegiate sport, boasting perhaps the greatest player in history on its current roster and having the Hall of Fame in their own backyard wasn't enough, that Hall of Fame just got some new members and they have Tennessee written all over them.

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Posted by Jeff Lippman at 12:25 PM | Comment

Wednesday, 06/06/07

A Shorter Commute

The Pac-10 conference has announced that the 2009 and 2010 women's basketball tournaments will be moved from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., to the Galen Center in Los Angeles where Pac-10 school Southern California plays their home games.

The decision to move springs from the tournaments inability to pack the house in the larger HP Pavilion and comes on the heels of the Big East also questioning whether a move to a smaller venue would fill the empty seats.

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Posted by Jeff Lippman at 03:50 PM | Comments (1)

Tuesday, 06/05/07

Taking A Fifth

USC just announced that Allison Jaskowiak will be awarded a fifth year of eligibility by the NCAA. This extra year was granted as Jaskowiak only played six minutes during her freshman year -- 2003-04 season -- before leaving the team for 'medical reasons.'

While the medical reasons were not disclosed in the release, from an interview I conducted with Jaskowiak last Fall, here are her own words what her medical reason was:

"In high school I didn't have an eating disorder, but during my senior year I decided to run track and I think some of the symptoms started that summer," Jaskowiak said. "I lost a lot of weight naturally from running, but I wanted to keep it off as soon as I got to college. I became way too conscious about my weight. I was seriously bulimic for up to two months and lost about 15 pounds in that time."

Jaskowiak -- thank you for being brave, admitting to and taking care of your medical reason. Your story is an inspiration to the female student-athletes who suffer in silence and I can't wait to watch you pursue your love of playing for one more season.

More to come on this story later on during the summer.

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Posted by Lara Boyko at 02:41 PM | Comment

Monday, 06/04/07

Doing it the Harding Way

The WNBA draft is very similar to the NBA draft in that the No. 1 overall pick usually goes to one of the worst teams in the league so they can be apart of the rebuilding process.

But the team that had the No. 1 pick in this past year's WNBA draft was the Phoenix Mercury, a team that currently sits in third place in the Western Conference.

The Mercury selected Duke's Lindsey Harding with their pick, but didn't need a point guard and ultimately traded her to the Minnesota Lynx--a team that, at 0-7 so far this season, needed a No. 1 pick on its roster.

Although it hasn't translated into wins for the Lynx, Harding has been every bit the top choice they hoped they were getting when they dealt for her shortly after her name was called.

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Posted by Jeff Lippman at 03:24 PM | Comment

Sunday, 06/03/07

What a Load of Craps

That, of course, is in reference to the talk that the Big East is considering moving their women's basketball tournament from the 16,000-seat Hartford Civic Center to the smaller, comfier 10,000-seat arena in the Mohegan Sun Casino, also in Connecticut.

The Mohegan Sun Arena is the home court for the WNBA's Connecticut Sun and has hosted college basketball in the past, including a game between Central Connecticut and Massachusetts men last December.

This brings up the argument whether a college athletics event should be hosted in a Casino, to which UConn coach Geno Auriemma--who owns a restaurant in the Mohegan Sun--argued that the Mountain West Conference plays their tournament in Las Vegas.

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Posted by Jeff Lippman at 03:43 PM | Comments (2)
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