Taking A Fifth

By Lara Boyko - June 05, 2007

USC just announced that Allison Jaskowiak will be awarded a fifth year of eligibility by the NCAA. This extra year was granted as Jaskowiak only played six minutes during her freshman year -- 2003-04 season -- before leaving the team for 'medical reasons.'

While the medical reasons were not disclosed in the release, from an interview I conducted with Jaskowiak last Fall, here are her own words what her medical reason was:

"In high school I didn't have an eating disorder, but during my senior year I decided to run track and I think some of the symptoms started that summer," Jaskowiak said. "I lost a lot of weight naturally from running, but I wanted to keep it off as soon as I got to college. I became way too conscious about my weight. I was seriously bulimic for up to two months and lost about 15 pounds in that time."

Jaskowiak -- thank you for being brave, admitting to and taking care of your medical reason. Your story is an inspiration to the female student-athletes who suffer in silence and I can't wait to watch you pursue your love of playing for one more season.

More to come on this story later on during the summer.

Posted by Lara Boyko at 02:41 PM on June 05, 2007

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