What a Load of Craps

By Jeff Lippman - June 03, 2007

That, of course, is in reference to the talk that the Big East is considering moving their women's basketball tournament from the 16,000-seat Hartford Civic Center to the smaller, comfier 10,000-seat arena in the Mohegan Sun Casino, also in Connecticut.

The Mohegan Sun Arena is the home court for the WNBA's Connecticut Sun and has hosted college basketball in the past, including a game between Central Connecticut and Massachusetts men last December.

This brings up the argument whether a college athletics event should be hosted in a Casino, to which UConn coach Geno Auriemma--who owns a restaurant in the Mohegan Sun--argued that the Mountain West Conference plays their tournament in Las Vegas.

Hartford is locked in to host the Big East tourney until 2009, and the conference will decide where next to hold it within the next year. Other locations competing with the Mohegan Sun are a return to Hartford or moving to place like Tampa, Fla.

Personally, I see no problem with hosting the tournament at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Those mega Casino Hotels in Vegas and Atlantic City and like the Mohegan Sun are not just casinos. They are resorts with pools and children's activities and anything else that a patron could want in one place--that also has gambling.

It shouldn't be difficult to make sure none of the athletes are gambling, and if those staying to attend the event want to gamble, than so be it, that is definitely not against the law.

They must leave Hartford because it is just not a nice arena. They don't fill the place and that is even with the pro-UConn crowd.

So go to the smaller Mohegan Sun, where there will be just as many UConn fans making the trip, with the result a much fluffier looking arena.

Certainly don't let the Big East move to Tampa...who will watch it there? Do you see all those UConn fans traveling? Some...not all.

And the most important reason to move the Big East Tournament to a mega hotel and casino...now women's basketball isn't the only hook to get people in the door. They also have an adult playground at their disposal when the games are over.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 03:43 PM on June 03, 2007
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The West Coast Conference has flirted with hosting it's WCC Hoops Championships in the Las Vegas Orleans. Talk about scandalous. A religiously dominated conference getting cozy in Sin City! :D

Big East women's basketball tournament won't be leaving Connecticut anytime soon. They're considering Tampa the same way the Super Bowl selection committee is considering Rentschler Field.

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