Pokey Sighting

By Jeff Lippman - August 20, 2007

Do they dance the Hokey Pokey in Russia? They do now.

Former LSU coach Pokey Chatman, the most famous women's basketball coach to come out of the closet, will now be taking her knowledge of x's and o's behind the Iron Curtain.

Chatman resigned from her post as LSU's head coach in March, days before the Tigers would embark on their fourth consecutive run to the Final Four, amidst improper conduct allegations. It was later found out that Chatman had engaged in an improper relationships with one or more former players.

Confirmed last Thursday by Chatman to the Daily Reveille, the coach will leave the United States in search of greener - and colder - pastures in Russia.

Like many professional American players who travel overseas when their WNBA season's are completed, Chatman will accept the associate head coach position with the Spartak Moscow Region Team.

Instead of assisting Sylvia Fowles on finishing with authority in the lane, Chatman will be coaching up the likes of WNBA stars Tina Thompson, Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi on her Moscow team. And she'll even have the opportunity to coach against former LSU superstar Seimone Augustus, as well.

Yes, Russia has provided the Americans, and Chatman alike, with all the amenities that can be found in the U.S., as well as higher salaries and some of the world's top competition.

Chatman said she had other offers, including some from other Division I collegiate programs, but that this offer to coach in Russia was by far the most accommodating and made the most sense.

And the fact is, Chatman's actions, what she does off the court, is of little to no concern to a Russian professional basketball league. Chatman is simply one of the game's top up-and-coming coaches, and when players were asked by team owners who the most viable candidate for the job would be, Chatman was the consensus pick.

The only negative to going to Moscow, Russia, is Moscow, Russia itself. And although the professional league provides everything the Americans can get back home and more, it is not like playing in the United States, where players have greater access to friends and family.

Chatman will use this time in Russia to continue to build her own coaching accolades while making her money and coaching some of the best talents in the world, but make no mistake, the 38-year-old will coach DI college again in the States. It's only a matter of time.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 11:06 AM on August 20, 2007
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Good for you Pokey...way to go!

Im happy she is going to be coaching again...one day i really want to play under her!!

I never heard that the improper conduct charges were ever substantiated. I have only ever heard that it was alleged that she had inappropriate relations with a former player. You stated: "It was later found out that Chatman had engaged in an improper relationships with one or more former players." I hope there is proof of this or this quote should be publically retracted or you may be liable for slander.

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