Doing The Right Thing

By Jeff Lippman - September 12, 2007

Rutgers received a blessing Tuesday.

Kia Vaughn has decided to drop her slander and defamation lawsuit against Don Imus and CBS Radio, according to Marti McKenzie, a spokeswoman for Vaughn's attorney, Richard Ancowitz.

Apparently, after some thought, Vaughn decided the lawsuit would pose a distraction, both to her teammates and to herself, both on the court and in the classroom.

"Her strong commitments to both have influenced her decision to withdraw the lawsuit at this time," said the statement released by McKenzie.

This must come as great news to C. Vivian Stringer and her team, and is truly in the best interests of everyone involved.

Vaughn will be one of the best centers in the country this year, she is a Wade Trophy candidate and her Scarlet Knights will be among the best teams in the nation on their journey to a repeat trip to the Final Four. They did not need this distraction.

And thankfully, Kia Vaughn agreed.

Now Vaughn can concentrate on school and basketball and let her game on the court, as opposed to in court, do her talking for her.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 08:29 AM on September 12, 2007
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Let's stop the pampering of those girls. First of all, all of those tattoos make them look like a bunch of ghetto whores. Secondly, her suit didn't have a legal chance of success. Why don't those crybabies grow-upů sticks and stones may break my bones; but, names will never hurt me!!

Chris Barr

Before you add such an ignorant post you should get your facts straight Barr.

Kia Vaughn has ONE tattoo (her first name) and she is the ONLY player on the Rutgers roster who has one.

You are an idiot.

whose so ever is barr he is a ass hole and i bet ur white with ur ignorant ass because u guys act like as if these girls are doing something wrong just because they arent relly any white girls on the rutgers team i noticed with white america yall have a tendacy to worship white playervs even when they are not good enough.say wat u want i play basketball too i live for assholes like u to say something to me so i can spit in ur face.

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