Yankees Ruining Weddings

By Jeff Lippman - September 06, 2007

They say Yankee Stadium is a Cathedral. Rookie pitcher Ian Kennedy hopes it doubles as a Chapel.

On the east coast, the New York Yankees are the main event. On the west coast, USC is the toast of the town.

And right smack dab in the middle, in Kirkwood, Mo., of all places, the two teams hope to join together in holy matrimony.

No George Steinbrenner has not asked for Pete Carroll's hand in marriage, but the Yankees' 22-year-old pitcher Kennedy, a former Trojan, has asked USC women's basketball player, senior Allison Jaskowiak, to be his wife, and the wedding is scheduled for Oct. 6 at the Westborough Country Club.

Except for one minor problem.

When the right-handed hurler set the date, he never expected to be in pinstripes, pitching for the Yankees. He figured he'd still be in the minor leagues.

But with 147-year-old Roger Clemens beginning to finally show his age, and Mike Mussina seemingly breaking down, the Yankees needed Kennedy's services earlier than he expected. And now that Oct. 6 wedding date coincides with the Bronx Bomber's playoff run.

"I'm kind of taking it game by game," Jaskowiak said. "If it happens when he's on the postseason roster, we'll deal with it as it comes."

It is undecided whether or not Kennedy will be able to leave the Yankees long enough to make the Oct. 6 date, but Jaskowiak's father is hopeful.

Yankees manager Joe Torre said he hopes that Jaskowiak is an understanding person, a good sign that the Yankees will not be letting Kennedy break away.

Or Torre could just be upset that he didn't get invited to the wedding.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 11:29 AM on September 06, 2007

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