No Mercy For The Patriotic

By Jeff Lippman - November 28, 2007

Our nation's first president suffered a major beat down Tuesday at the hands of the country's fourth Commander-in-Chief.

That's right, James Madison chopped down George Washington's cherry tree and punched him in his wooden teeth, in upset fashion, I might add.

I'm not talking about the No. 4 seed (presidential term) over the No. 1 seed, the upset I'm referring to is the No. 14 Colonials of GWU losing to the unranked Dukes of James Madison. All presidential puns aside.

George Washington was playing without two starters, forwards Whitney Allen and Antelia Parrish, but still had Kim Beck and the Adair sisters, which should have been good enough to beat JMU, but it wasn't, not even close. The Colonials got spanked, 80-55, proving that they are not ready for big-time women's hoops.

The fact is, Top 15 teams don't generally lose to unranked teams. Especially when that unranked team comes from the the Colonial Athletic Association. What is with all these patriotic terms?

Sure the Dukes beat GWU at home, and extended the nation's longest home winning streak to 29 games, a very impressive streak to say the least. But George Washington was a Top 15 team! I can't stress that enough, seeing as this is the first win for James Madison over a Top 25 team since 1991.

Twenty-nine game winning streak or not, 16 years is a long time to go between beating a ranked opponent.

The Colonials move to 5-2 with the loss and will almost assuredly drop out of the Top 25 - and if they don't that is just another poor showing by the AP voters - with their only other loss coming against No. 6 Rutgers.

James Madison is 5-0 and is coming off a season that saw them lose in the CAA Tournament finals and go to the NCAAs. Old Dominion is picked to win their 16th consecutive CAA title this season, but if this game against GWU wasn't a fluke, and JMU is for real, the Monarchs better watch out.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 09:57 AM on November 28, 2007
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This is strong criticism for not seeing the game. Questionable offensive fouls as the larger Colonial frontcourt established position in the paint hurt this team. With 2 of the top rebounders on the bench as well as the scoring and defense that they bring this is not as big a shock as you might think. JMU is an excellent team that will prove itself not as a bad loss by the end of the year. GW will remain in the top 25 and as they get healthy will be a team to watch. JMU is a better team then some of the power conference teams that are ranked based on reputation and not ability (i.e. Texas).

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