Musical Top 25

By Jeff Lippman - December 05, 2007

The Associated Press and Coaches Polls have been released, meaning another week of musical chairs among the Top 10 and bottom portion of the Top 25.

With all the nation's elite squads beating up on each other in big preseason battles, and all the bottom-Top-25 teams proving they don't belong ranked at all, there has certainly been a lot of turnover in the early season.

As always, I have some bones to pick with the voters. And the Maryland Terrapins should too.

Maryland was No. 3 in the nation - and they still are according to the level-headed AP - when they played their worst statistical game and lost to No. 4 Rutgers in Piscataway on Dec. 3.

Undefeated at 10-0, Maryland was coming off commanding wins over once-ranked Pitt and No. 19 Ohio State. Sure the Scarlet Knights and their tenacious defense got the better of the Terps on their home floor, but that shouldn't really show negatively towards the Terps at all, should it?

Well, according to the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll, the Terps shouldn't have let that one get away, falling from No. 3 all the way to No. 6 in the rankings, swapping places with Rutgers. The AP, however, was a little more lenient on the Terps' plight, keeping them at No. 3, while moving the Scarlet Knights up one spot to No. 4 ahead of No. 5 North Carolina, who lost to No. 1 Tennessee on Dec. 2.

The Coaches didn't feel Carolina's loss to the Lady Vols on the road was as bad as Maryland's, as the Tar Heels didn't drop a spot, despite losing their first game on the season.

So why the respect to the Heels and not the Terps? Someone who is more of a conspirator than I might question the motives behind this, I just shrug it off. Let's let Brenda Frese deal with her fellow Coaches.

Other Top 25 Goings On:

Auburn Earning Its Stripes
At 8-0 and having just taken out Arizona State in Tempe, the Auburn Tigers are rocking and rolling up the Top 25. Beginning the season unranked, and now all they way up to No. 14, Auburn has been straight beating up on teams with its fast-paced, high-flying NBA-style offense that coach Nell Fortner has instilled.

With a three-guard tandem of 6-foot-4 DeWanna Bonner, Whitney Boddie and Sherell Hobbs, Tennessee, Georgia and LSU better get the game film and study, study, study, if they want to find a way to quiet this Auburn team.

Falling Devils
Last week, Duke was outside the Top 10, looking in. After losses to Vanderbilt and Penn State and with games coming up against Rutgers and Pitt, this week Duke will fight for its life just to stay in the Top 25 altogether.

Big Ten
If you combined the Big Ten's two ranked teams into one roster, then and only then would you have one team who deserves to be in the Top 25.

For lack of finding anyone else to take their places, the two Big Ten squads haven't exactly earned their rankings. No. 19 Ohio State's best win was their first game when they avenged last season's NCAA Tournament upset by beating tiny Marist way back on Nov. 11. Since, the only two ranked teams to play the Buckeyes have destroyed them, and OSU even got close games from Ole Miss and at Boston. (Not Boston College...the Terriers).

Michigan State, at No. 23, most recently lost to new Top 25 member Old Dominion. Their only game against a ranked opponent, Nov. 15 at LSU, was a 23-point drubbing.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 02:48 PM on December 05, 2007
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Didn't the AP poll come out before the Maryland-Rutgers game? I think that is why they remained at #3 in the AP poll.

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