O For Oklahoma

By Jeff Lippman - December 22, 2007

Before the No. 20 Oklahoma State Cowgirls get too excited about their school-record 71-point victory over Central Arkansas Saturday, they should take into consideration who they beat.

Without a doubt, you beat anyone by 71 points and that is an accomplishment, but let's not get crazy with ourselves. This win shouldn't sway any voters in the Associated Press.

The fact is, the Sugar Bears - great nickname - need to stay out of the state of Oklahoma. In their previous game against the No. 9 Sooners, they actually got beat worse than they did against the Cowgirls. In that contest Oklahoma won 121-48, an incredible 73-point victory.

In two games in Oklahoma, the Sugar Bears lost by a combined 144 points. Say that out loud to yourself, go on. I assure you, you'll get a chuckle out of it.

Central Arkansas, 2-9, is only in its second season of Division I basketball. They did manage to pick up back-to-back wins against Arkansas-Monticello and Grambling State, but they are losing by an average of 21 points a game regardless.

Against Oklahoma State, the Sugar Bears only had eight players available to them. The Cowgirls took leads of 13-0 and - ready for it? - 30-1. 30-1? Are you kidding me?

This is not a team who should be playing ranked teams in consecutive games.

How about this stat? Central Arkansas was only able to score consecutive baskets once against the Cowgirls. And they only did it twice against Oklahoma. That's three total times they were able to score back-to-back buckets in two full games! Again I'll say, are you kidding me?

This may be the last post for She's On Fire before I have to throw away my old 2007 Harry Potter calendar as - get jealous - I'll be cruising the Caribbean with Johnny Depp. And by Johnny Depp, of course, I mean my family. And by cruising I mean sitting. And by Caribbean I mean my couch.

Happy Holidays everybody.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 03:51 PM on December 22, 2007

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