The Difference

By Jeff Lippman - December 16, 2007

Candice Wiggins is the difference.

The difference between No. 5 Stanford over No. 10 Baylor, yes. But more than that, Wiggins is what makes Stanford a legitimate national championship contender.

Seeding come Tournament time is going interesting to say the least.

Sunday night in Palo Alto will go down as the game that Candice Wiggins showed just how scary she can be on a basketball court. Wiggins has already had three years in which to develop her greatness and this masterpiece against Baylor shows she's ready to take over completely.

Wiggins scored 35 points, two off her career high, on 11-of-22 shooting, grabbed four rebounds, dished out three assists, stole four balls and blocked two shots all while not committing a single turnover as Stanford beat the Bears 87-63.

She was so good she put her coach, Tara Vanderveer, into denial. "Candice is not a senior," she said at her press conference.

Wade Watch voters take note. Stanford needed a big game to beat a Top 10 team that has been playing some pretty good basketball of late, and they got it from Wiggins.'s Lara Boyko has called her Superwoman and for Stanford that is exactly what she is.

"What can you say about Candice?" asked her coach. "She scores, she defends, she does it all for us. She's just a tremendous leader. I love every day of coaching her. I just hope our team realizes how really special she is and you've got to step up and give a little bit more to her."

And that's another reason that Stanford is a serious contender for the national championship. Because Wiggins deserves one and her coach and teammates will do everything in their power to help her lead them.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 09:16 PM on December 16, 2007

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