For Her Next Trick

By Jeff Lippman - January 08, 2008

Ready for this headline?

Brittany Spears Named Big 12 Rookie of the Week

When she's open and wants her teammate to pass her the ball does she yell, "hit me baby, one more time?"

Will the real Spears please stand up? Sorry, I meant, will the non-trashy Spears please stand up.

"At school I had to call someone to get my ID for the computer and when I told them my name, they hung up on me," Spears told's Lara Boyko. "I called them back to tell them that this was really my name."

Colorado's freshman forward Brittany Spears - who was never quoted as saying, there was nothing wrong with my name until that no-talent ass clown became famous, started dropping her kids and cut all her hair off - is a very pleasant surprise for the Buffs.

Of course,'s Boyko was on her case back in November when she featured Spears and teammate - no, I'm not joking, either - Whitney Houston.

Spears is averaging 13.5 points and almost seven rebounds per game, among the team leaders in both categories. And more than that, she is a complete player. Standing 6-foot-1, Spears is driving her coach, Kathy McConnell-Miller, crazy with her skills. She leads the team in steals, basically shares the team lead in blocked shots and even hits almost two threes per game.

This Spears - unlike her namesake - is the complete package.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 12:02 PM on January 08, 2008

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