Something Bruin?

By Jeff Lippman - January 06, 2008

How's this for parity in women's basketball.

UCLA lost back-to-back games to Pepperdine and Idaho State - Pepperdine is 5-8 and they blew the Bruins out - and now, just over a month later, have the opportunity to beat back-to-back Top 10 teams when No. 10 Cal invades Westwood.

And call me crazy, but I think they can do it.

As much as I do feel that both Stanford and No. 10 Cal are legit national title contenders, and as much as UCLA has been an inconsistent yo-yo this season, I think the Bruins are ready to peak.

You are talking about an extremely young team - they have only one senior in leading scorer Lindsey Pluimer - who hasn't been blown out by any Top 25 team they have faced. They played Maryland to a four-point game back in November, they lost by 12 to Tennessee and lost by only three to Arizona State - who frankly isn't that good, but that's another story.

And they beat Stanford.

Now, as Cal looms Sunday, I think you will see a hungry UCLA team with a lot to prove. They got the taste of how good it feels to win a big game, now their mouths should be salivating at the possibility of starting hotter in the Pac-10 standings than any other team except ASU.

If they can just pull off their second upset in a row.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 12:00 PM on January 06, 2008

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