Bionic Lady Vol

By Jeff Lippman - April 03, 2008

Pat Summitt recently dislocated her shoulder while chasing a raccoon so she feels Candace Parker's pain.

Though it was suffered during Tennessee's Elite Eight game against Texas A&M and not chasing varmint off the porch, Parker's shoulder is the most important thing on the minds of Tennessee fans everywhere. And LSU would like to know if they have to prepare for the best women's player alive, too.

Well worry not. Her Airness says she's going to play. Of course she's going to play. She dislocated her shoulder twice against the Aggies and still came back to lead the Lady Vols. Didn't you realize? The Tigers aren't dealing with an average woman.

"I'll be OK," Parker told The Tennessean. "I'm definitely going to rehab, get the strength back in it. I'm like Gumby. I'm loose and it works to my advantage sometimes."

If it takes "intense rehabilitation" - what they're calling what Parker must go through just to play in Sunday's national semifinal - over the next four days, that's what Parker is going to do.

Here's what the doctor had to say...and keep in mind Parker says she's definitely going to play...

"We've just got to assess the level of damage, if there is any that occurred, and then from there, get to the rehabilitation like crazy so she can make it through the next 10 days," said Tennessee team trainer Jenny Moshak to The Tennessean. "It's ugly to look at. Basically, she had a bone sticking out."

I'm no doctor, but "bone sticking out" doesn't sound like something you put a Band-aid on and go back in there.

This isn't the NHL here. This is women's basketball. If you didn't believe these girls put their hearts and souls into these games, there shouldn't be any doubt now.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 10:47 AM on April 03, 2008

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