January 04, 2008

Cat Got Your Tongue

Or is that catch a Tiger by the tail?

Either way, Auburn has hit a snag. One of their nine lives has been drained by a nasty two-game losing streak against two teams who, frankly, they should be beating.

First, they lose a two-point closely contested battle on the road against St. Joseph's. St. Joe's is losing to teams like Northern Illinois by double digits...need I say more?

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November 28, 2007

No Mercy For The Patriotic

Our nation's first president suffered a major beat down Tuesday at the hands of the country's fourth Commander-in-Chief.

That's right, James Madison chopped down George Washington's cherry tree and punched him in his wooden teeth, in upset fashion, I might add.

I'm not talking about the No. 4 seed (presidential term) over the No. 1 seed, the upset I'm referring to is the No. 14 Colonials of GWU losing to the unranked Dukes of James Madison. All presidential puns aside.

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