January 04, 2008

The Evil 'Eyes

If it sometimes sounds like I am taking unfair shots at the Big Ten Conference, you must be a fan. Because anyone who knows women's college basketball, at this point, has got to be completely fed up.

Give me the Big Sky, the Big Easy or the Big Kahuna before you give me the Big Ten.

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December 05, 2007

Musical Top 25

The Associated Press and Coaches Polls have been released, meaning another week of musical chairs among the Top 10 and bottom portion of the Top 25.

With all the nation's elite squads beating up on each other in big preseason battles, and all the bottom-Top-25 teams proving they don't belong ranked at all, there has certainly been a lot of turnover in the early season.

As always, I have some bones to pick with the voters. And the Maryland Terrapins should too.

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October 29, 2006

Big Ten: The State of the Union

The ACC was the nation’s Marcia Brady last year, while other conferences crowed for respect. The Big Ten among them, without a Final Four team for the first time in recent memory.

Who is the conference’s best chance to break into the Final Four this year?

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Big Ten: Motto Schmotto

Whether you put on the back of your practice shorts, proclaim it across a t-shirt, print it on the programs or just pound it into your players’ minds, a little motivational motto can go a long way. Some of the best from around the Big Ten...

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Big Ten: Odd Man Out?

Not entirely unusual on the national scene is Jim Foster’s position as the lone male head coach in the Big Ten.

“Quite frankly, I don’t think about it,” Foster said. As far as he’s concerned, coaching is in the disposition, in the game knowledge and personality that anyone of any sex can possess.

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Big Ten: You Don't Know Coach Jack

Indiana coach Felisha Legette-Jack isn't shy. She puts her position with the Hoosiers on to the table almost as soon as I can sit down.

"You've heard of a breath of fresh air coming through to change things? I'm like a wild wind."

According to her players, " Coach Jack" couldn't be more right. She came storming in to Indiana this spring after Sharon Versyp ended her one-year tenure with the Hoosiers to take over at Purdue, and from the first moment the Indiana women knew things would be different.

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Big Ten: Davenport's View From Above

Forget being green. It ain't easy being 6-foot-5 in a women's world. Everywhere except the basketball court, that is, which is exactly where Ohio State center Jessica Davenport has made her mark.

The returning two-time Big Ten Player of the Year has plans to make her mark off the court eventually as well. With a WNBA career practically a forgone conclusion, the senior has considered her post-basketball career carefully.

"I'm going to try to get tall women's clothing into regular stores," Davenport said matter of factly. "I'll try to get some diversity in sizing out there. We don't have the option of going to a store to get jeans, they're never long enough."

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Big Ten: A Lion's Pride

To see that Rene Portland has spent 27 years at the helm of Penn State women's basketball is one thing. To realize that she arrived before the NCAA even got to women's basketball is an amazing thing, one that gives the Lady Lions' coach a healthy dose of perspective on the start of another season.

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Big Ten: The Early Birds

And we're off and running at Big Ten Media Day, in the friendly confines of the O'Hare Marriott outside Chicago, IL. While the Illinois women take the podium, the end of Daylight Savings Time has me running for a cup of media-issue coffee. Back with updated from the Fighting Illini...