October 12, 2006

C-USA: Wrapping It Up From Tulsa

It's been an eventful day in Tulsa, as Conference USA's Media Day is coming to an end. We've heard from all the coaches, who all have stated one thing: Conference USA is a highly competitive conference that will surprise a lot of people this season.

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C-USA: Williams, Rice Ready To Go

Tulsa might have won the conference last year, and might feature the best player in the league, but it's the Lady Owls from Rice who were picked to win Conference USA. It's the second straight year for Rice to be picked at the top, and Greg Williams hopes this year, Rice will live up to expectations.

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C-USA: Hurricane Warning: Tulsa's Back For More

Last year, at Media Day, Tulsa was picked to finish fifth in Conference USA. However, with Jillian Robbins becoming a dominant force last year, the Golden Hurricane cruised to a 26-6 mark and a Conference USA title. With a veteran squad in tow this season, TU is excited about their chances to repeat.

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C-USA: Can Anyone Stop Jillian Robbins?

The question asked to just about every coach here at Media Days was simple... can anyone stop Tulsa's superstar forward Jillian Robbins, and if so, how?

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C-USA: The Savage Nation

Memphis finished 3-25 overall last year, 1-15 in the conference, scratching only a 71-66 over UTEP for their only C-USA win. However, with the obvious enthusiasm of Coach Blair Savage-Lansden, one can expect a lot more success from the Lady Tigers this year.

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C-USA: The Odd Couple: Rompola and Smith

One coach inherits a team with a strong defensive approach to the game, but has trouble putting the ball in the hoop. The other coach fields a team that can score at will, but struggles mightily on the defensive end.

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C-USA: "Normal" Season Good for USM, Tulane

For Joye Lee-McNelis of Southern Miss and Lisa Stockton of Tulane, this year's expectations are much higher, thanks in part to their players getting a chance to have a REAL home game again, having recovered from Katrina's fury.

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C-USA: The "S" Stands for Strength

During the first session here at Media Days, UCF's Gail Striegler, Houston's Joe Curl, and Southern Mississippi's Joye Lee-McNelis were adamant in addressing the overall strength and quality of Conference USA this season.

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C-USA: Rice, Tulsa, SMU Top Pre-Season Poll

The Rice Owls have been picked for the second year in a row to win Conference USA, while defending champion Tulsa and SMU are tied for a close second in the pre-season C-USA Women's Basketball Poll.

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C-USA: Neither Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Rain...

Well, maybe not snow...but definitely sleet and rain accompanied me on the journey to Tulsa, and the Reynolds Center, home of the Conference USA Women's Basketball Media Days.

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