March 26, 2007

Rutgers-ASU: All-Regional Balloting

So this game is far from over, but we've got an All-Tournament Team Ballot sitting in front of us that's due 13 minutes from now. So far I've put Duke's Alison Bales, ASU's Danielle Orsillo and Rutgers' Kia Vaughn on the ballot. I'm going to let Matee Ajavon and Emily Westerberg duke it out for the MVP spot and second place, but with 15 minutes remaining and ASU only trailing by 7, anything could happen. Let's just say I'm not writing in pen.

March 21, 2007

BG! SU! What? BG! SU!

As the sounds of their fans chanting their school letters filled the Jack Breslin Center, the players, standing at halfcourt, taking bows and taking it all in, knew they had arrived.

This wasn't No. 2 Vanderbilt vs. No. 7 Bowling Green, no. This was simply the better team with the better players winning the game.

The Commodores might be champions of the mighty SEC, but in my mind and in the minds of the Falcon players and coaches, Bowling Green, champions of the MAC and the first-ever MAC team in the Sweet 16, knew they would win.

"We know we're one of the top 16 teams in the country," said the night's hero, senior leader Ali Mann.

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BG! SU! What? BG! SU!

As the sounds of their fans chanting their school letters filled the Jack Breslin Center, the players, standing at halfcourt, taking bows and taking it all in, knew they had arrived.

This wasn't No. 2 Vanderbilt vs. No. 7 Bowling Green, no. This was simply the better team with the better players winning the game.

The Commodores might be champions of the mighty SEC, but in my mind and in the minds of the Falcon players and coaches, Bowling Green, champions of the MAC and the first-ever MAC team in the Sweet 16, knew they would win.

"We know we're one of the top 16 teams in the country," said the night's hero, senior leader Ali Mann.

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March 20, 2007

BGSU-Vandy: She's The Mann

With 48.8 seconds to go, the leader of this Bowling Green squad put her foul trouble behind her and the team on her back.

Ali Mann nailed the biggest shot of her storied career, a long-range three, to increase BGSU's lead to 55-49 and possibly seal the upset bid for the Falcons.

Like she said after Sunday's first-round game, when it's crunch time she wants the ball in her hands. She thrives on the clock winding down, lives for the big shot.

She got the ball, took the shot and with 32 seconds and a six-point lead, Bowling Green may have just punched their ticket to the Sweet 16.

BGSU-Vandy: Vandy is Living

With 1:31 to go, Vanderbilt used a steal and some free throws and we have a close one here, 52-49.

After another turnover by the Falcons, Vandy will get a chance to tie.

Stay tuned, this might be one heck of an ending.

BGSU-Vandy: Inching Closer

Vanderbilt better thank their lucky stars for Liz Sherwood.

The center is doing all the scoring with 18 points. Carla Thomas has awoke from her slumber, she now has eight to go with 10 boards.

Vandy is fighting its way back into this game and with 8:35 to go they trail 48-41.

The Commodores are actually out-shooting Bowling Green, 45 percent to 41.5. The difference, however, comes with BGSU's five threes to Vandy's one and the five more made free throws.

The 'Dores have the rebounding advantage as well, 30-22. You would think that Vanderbilt was winning, except for the 18 turnovers compared to just 10 for BGSU.

BGSU-Vandy: Two-Seed Curse?

With Maryland and Stanford already falling, the 2-seeds left in the tourney are Purdue and Vanderbilt.

Bowling Green is doing their best to eliminate the Commodores.

Amber Flynn is simply dominating inside with superb post moves and solid moves off the dribble. The team is passing well, moving without the ball and being extremely aggressive and it is paying off big time.

The Falcon fans are making this place rock louder than the first game.

Bowling Green does not want to go home and right now they are proving that much more than Vanderbilt. The Commodores are actually hitting on 44 percent of their shots, but they have no answer for the Falcons' offense.

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BGSU-Vandy: Sherwood of the Forest

If not for Liz Sherwood, Vanderbilt would be in trouble.

The 6'4" junior center has eight points for Vandy, who trail BGSU 26-16 with 7:00 to play in the opening half.

Ali Mann and Carin Horne are pacing the Falcons with seven points apiece and Kate Achter has four points and three assists.

The crowd is loving this Bowling Green team, and what's not to love. Curt Miller's bunch can play and they play with heart and emotion. They are definitely a fun team to watch.

BGSU-Vandy: Where Are We?

After the Michigan State fans left the building to go sulk over their loss, it seems Bowling Green has taken over the arena.

This place is loaded with Falcons fans. If it weren't for the empty green seats, Orange would be the only color I see. And hear.

After five minutes, BGSU came out hot and the score is 10-6 Falcons.

Carin Horne has five early points, including a three-pointer on the wing to lead the way for the Falcons.

MSU-Rutgers: So Long Spartans

One is chivalrous lance-toting bloody soldier from days of yore, while the other is the gate-keeper to hell with a blood circulation problem.

Both are Sweet 16 bound and on a collision course with each other.

Next weekend in Greensboro, No. 4 Rutgers, who defeated Michigan State tonight, 70-57, will meet the Blue Devils of top-ranked Duke.

Leading the way for the Scarlet Knights was Kia Vaughn who finished with 16 points and seven boards. Essence Carson had 15 points, eight rebounds and Epiphanny Prince had 14 and six assists. Brittany Ray came up with three huge three-pointers and finished with nine.

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MSU-Rutgers: R U Ready for the Sweet 16

With 4:00 to play, I think it can almost be made official...Rutgers is going to the Sweet 16.

The score is 59-45 and the last four made field goals by the Knights have been three-pointers.

Michigan State has gotten solid games from Lucas-Perry (12 points), Haynes (14) and Aisha Jefferson (11), but past that threesome, the points have been scarce.

You can't win shooting 29 percent, either. Also, it's never good when your opponent makes over 50 percent of their threes.

Rutgers is winning every single statistical category with the exception of free-throw percentage and surprisingly, rebounding.

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MSU-Rutgers: Hump

There it is...right down the road for Michigan State...they just...can't...get...over it.

With 7:35 to play and the score 49-40 Rutgers, everytime MSU makes a bit of a push, RU pushes right back.

Talk about balanced scoring for the Knights, five players have six or more points; and the player with six is Sunday night's leading scorer Matee Ajavon, who is having a slight off night and is in foul trouble with four.

MSU-Rutgers: Absent Allyssa

MSU's Allyssa DeHaan is not having the best of nights.

Plagued with three fouls, DeHaan just scored her first points with 12:58 to go in the game.

Her numbers: 1-6, 4 points, 3 rebounds and a block. Not the superstar numbers Michigan State needed, and as such, MSU trails the Scarlet Knights, 44-35 with 11:41 to go.

Kia Vaughn has scored her 14th point of the night for the Knights. Essence Carson has nine and Heather Zurich seven.

Michigan State's free throw shooting is keeping them in the game. They have hit 14-of-14 thus far.

MSU-Rutgers: At the Half

Michigan State started off the half hot.

Boy, did they cool off.

Rutgers' center Kia Vaughn is pacing the Knights with 12 points and four rebounds and the Knights have the halftime lead, 32-25.

Mia Johnson hit a shot at the buzzer for Michigan State.

The Spartans are led by Rene Haynes' 11 points. Along with Haynes and Johnson, only Victoria Lucas-Perry and Aisha Jefferson (six points apiece) scored in the half for MSU.

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MSU-Rutgers: Running Red

Rutgers is on a 13-2 run to take a 22-16 lead.

The run, which spanned about five minutes, was mostly sparked by the Knights' defense and the scoring of Kia Vaughn and Epiphanny Prince, with a big Brittany Ray three-pointer thrown in.

MSU's DeHaan is on the bench with two quick fouls.

Heather Zurich, Matee Ajavon and Myia McCurdy all have two fouls for Rutgers.

MSU-Rutgers: Green Paint

Michigan State took the early lead and held it until the 10:51 mark when Rutgers managed to tie the score on a Kia Vaughn putback and a foul.

In the early going MSU looks like they are able to get inside on Rutgers due to Allyssa DeHaan's presence. DeHaan only has two rebounds and no points, but her body being there, taking up space and freeing lanes for the likes of Victoria Lucas-Perry and Rene Haynes to drive, has been the difference.

Rutgers was missing shots early, but have since come on with Heather Zurich hitting a three and Vaughn scoring the last two buckets.

How Sweet It Might Be...

We're back in East Lansing for what promises to be a much more exciting day of basketball action.

In the day's first game, 4-seed Rutgers meets No. 5 Michigan State and in the nightcap it's the 2-seed Vanderbilt and 7-seed Bowling Green.

All that's at stake for these teams is a trip to Greensboro for the Sweet 16.

For the Scarlet Knights and Spartans, a win means a battle with No. 1 Duke. The Blue Devils just completed a 10-point win over Temple.

The winner of BGSU/Vandy will play Arizona State, who narrowly avoided getting upset by 6-seeded Louisville last night.

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March 18, 2007

ECU-Rutgers: Putting ECU Down

Is this game finally over? Yes? Thank you.

So...Rutgers won.

The Scarlet Knights got 20 points from Matee Ajavon, 14 from Kia Vaughn and played their scrubs for most of the second half, while still increasing the final margin to 77-34.

ECU managed to shoot only 16.4 percent for the entire game! Someone should have shot them, put them out of their misery.

In ECU's defense, the rebounding differential was within one.

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Throwing It Right Back...

Hey Garrison!

How about C. Vivian Stringer isn't even watching the game anymore. She's playing miss mary mack with the trainer. OK that's not true. But I really wish it was.

After scanning the crowd here in East Lansing...all 13 of them. I do have this much for you.

ESPN Sign:
Unfortunately not, something tells me even ESPN isn't broadcasting this mess anymore. I'd put it on fishing and run with it. If I made a sign it would say this.

Now, I wan't to go home.

Purple Hats:
It's ECU...the entire band has purple hats, and they all look funny, every single one.

Rutgers Mascot:
Why, oh why doesn't he have muscles? He's a giant head in street clothes basically. Poor Knight...

ECU-Rutgers: ECU Has Left The Building

Seriously, they aren't even playing. They walked off the court and are sitting on their bench with their hands folded in their laps and pouty looks on their faces.

OK, that's not true...what is true? With 11:00 to go in the game, the Pirates finally hit their FIRST SHOT OF THE HALF!

It's 58-24 Rutgers.

ECU-Rutgers: Zzzzzz....

We've got ourselves a snooze fest here in East Lansing in the last game of the night. And just in time too, I've been up since 3 a.m.

This one was close, until Rutgers showed up. And then, not so much.

I'm not sure ECU's plan of scoring in 5-minute intervals has been too successful for them. In the second half they should try scoring every time they get the ball. Or at least every other possession would be nice.

When they first walked onto the court I thought, "what's LSU doing here?" (ECU's colors are purple and gold)

Now I'm thinking, "I wish LSU were here..."

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ECU-Rutgers: Lap Full O' Ref

Essence Carson went after a loose ball, inadvertantly running into the referee standing by the sideline. The ref than went flying into the crowd just in front of me.

That was exciting. The ref, Carson and the press row table will stay in the game.

With 11:35 to go in the first half, the score is 16-10 Rutgers.

The Knights are shooting 46 percent--finally! a team that can shoot--but are only up four on a team that is only at 31 percent.

Cherie Mills leads the way for ECU with seven points and three boards. For Rutgers, it is still Matee Ajavon with seven. Center Kia Vaughn has six points and three rebs.

ECU-Rutgers: Aye, Aye Matee

After four minutes of action the score is ECU 5, Matee Ajavon 7.

Ajavon is 3-of-4 and has shot all of Rutgers' shots except one. She also has a free throw and a personal foul. Needless to say, she's been busy.

No. 4 Rutgers vs. No. 13 East Carolina

Like the team they are about play, the Pirates of East Carolina had a shaky start to their season. Unlike, Rutgers, however, the Pirates had a shaky middle of their season as well.

With a record of 19-13 that comes largely due to a 10-game winning streak to end the season, ECU will be playing less to defeat the Big East Champs, and more to stay with them.

Rutgers plays phenomenal defense, with Essence Carson the Big East Defensive Player of the Year.

The Pirates start three players averaging double figures in scoring. Sophomore guard LaCoya Terry drops 13.2, sophomore guard Jasmine Young hits on 13.6 a game and senior center Cherie Mills scores almost 15 per.

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MSU-Delaware: Dela-Who?

That's what we all want to know. They disappeared and Michigan State capitalized.

And by capitalized I mean they finally strung together a few made baskets.

Your final score, the home team 69, Delaware 58.

The game-high scorer was the Blue Hens' Tyresa Smith, who dropped her average of 19 points.

The crowd is giving State a standing ovation for their lackluster, 35.5-percent-shooting performance. Well done.

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MSU-Delaware: Spartan Rising

Well, it looks like the first team to shoot 30 percent is going to win this game, and that is the home team, Michigan State.

The Spartans have skyrocketed to 33 percent shooting and it seems enough, as with 10 minutes and change they have a comfortable 50-36 lead.

The 14-point lead always feels better when your opponent is shooting 24 percent. And nine...yes nine, I can't even write the number due to AP Style, that's how bad it is...nine percent from three-point range.

MSU-Delaware: Halftime on Ice

The Icecapades have made their way to East Lansing, except instead of laying the ice down over the court, they put it on the rims.

At the half, Michigan State has a 25-20 lead...if you can call it that.

The Spartans are shooting a lights out 8-for-29 from the field. I say lights out since it seems they are shooting in the dark.

MSU is holding the five-point lead because, well, Delaware, if possible, has been worse. The Blue Hens have also hit just eight shots in the half, but they've jacked it up 41 times, for a nice round percentage of 19.5.

If you think three point shooting has been any hasn't. The Spartans are making just 27 percent of their threes while the Lady Hens an abysmal 10 percent.

Delaware can't even buy a made basket at the free throw line where they are shooting 37.5 percent thus far.

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MSU-Delaware: Pouring It On

By pouring it on, of course, I mean the cement over all the bricks these two teams are tossing at the rim.

Question: How do you shoot 24 percent and still manage to tie the team you are playing?

Answer: The other team is shooting 24 percent also.

Oh, the humanity, it's brutal.

The teams have combined for 13-of-54 shooting, including a whopping mind-numbing 2-of-13 from long range.

The good news for State? DeHaan woke up a tad. She now has six points and seven boards with a little over three minutes remaining and the score tied 17 all.

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MSU-Delaware: Dela-What?

Delaware! ... is holding the slimmest of 10-9 margins after nearly 10 minutes of play.

In all fairness, nobody is winning this game. It's ugly. It's slow. It's downright bad basketball right now in East Lansing.

The team with the lead is jacking up shots and nailing a quarter of them, while MSU is hitting on 23 percent of its shots.

Victoria Lucas-Perry has a three pointer to lead her squad, tied with Myisha Bannister with three points.

Tyresa Smith and Chrissy Fisher both have three to lead Delaware.

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No. 5 Michigan State vs. No. 12 Delaware

My favorite nickname vs. everybody's favorite home team (next to UConn).

Although the circle at halfcourt says "NCAA," both lanes and both baselines read, "Michigan State" and "Spartans."

Although I disagree with allowing teams to play on their own home court during the NCAA Tournament, I must admit, this place is packed with fans wanting to see their Spartans in the tourney.

The 5-seed are led by guard Victoria Lucas-Perry, a 5-foot-9 senior that averages 13.5 points and almost six rebounds per game. Sophomore forward Aisha Jefferson and senior guard Rene Haynes both average 10.3 ppg.

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BGSU-OSU: Falcons Fly

Bowling Green needed the entire game to pull this one out, but in the end it was too much Ali Mann for Oklahoma State to handle.

Mann finished with a team-high 16 points, but this was a team effort.

Liz Honeggar added 15 points, Kate Achter threw in 14 points and nine assists and Amber Flynn has 10 points as well.

Leading the way for OSU was star-in-the-making Andrea Riley, who finished with 20 points and was the Cowgirls' only offense down the stretch. She did pick up a technical foul for being too emotional after she was fouled. The tech came at a crucial moment with BGSU clinging to a four-point lead with under a minute to play.

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BGSU-OSU: Turn On The Tele

If you aren't watching this you should be...

With 2:13 to go in the game, the teams are throwing blow for blow and the score is knotted at 60.

It seems everytime down court freshman guard Andrea Riley hits another big shot for OSU.

Then, on the other end, it's Ali Mann and the three-point stylings of center Liz Honegger--a 5-foot-11 bruiser who has the biggest body on the court and the oddest three-point stroke. It goes in though. Honegger leads the Falcons with 13 points, Mann has 12 and that pesky little guard Kate Achter has 10 and almost a double double with assists.

This one is going to be an excellent ending.

BGSU-OSU: Living Like Riley

I'm calling it flat out. The best player on either team is Oklahoma State's freshman guard Andrea Riley.

She's having an off night, shooting just 3-of-12, but she is the leader of this team, she always has the ball in her hands and as a freshman, she knows what to do with it.

That said, Bowling Green is back. The Falcons took the lead shortly, 36-35, but its back up to 37-36 OSU with 15:34 left.

The good news for the Falcons is they have hit two threes this half compared to one the first. The bad news? They have missed six already this half.

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BGSU-OSU: At The Half

In a game leaps and bounds more exciting than the day's opener, Oklahoma State takes a four-point lead into the break, 32-28.

The Cowgirls are led by freshman Andrea Riley with nine points, but she is only shooting 3-for-11 and after starting hot, the team is down to just 38 percent in the half. Riley does have four assists to go along with her scoring.

BGSU is led by Carin Horne, who is having a solid day with nine points on 4-of-9 shooting, but she's only 1-of-5 from long range.

The trifecta is killing Bowling Green as OSU is shooting 3-for-6 on the day but the Falcons have only mustered a pathetic 1-for-11 from long distance.

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BGSU-OSU: Two Guys, Some Girls and a Basketball Game

This is the first game I can remember attending where both head coaches were males.

This is definitely the first game I have ever attended where both head coaches were males named Kurt--except Bowling Green's coach spells it Curt.

Amber Flynn just committed a technical foul for Bowling Green and OSU's Andrea Riley hit one of two free throws. With just under five minutes remaining, BGSU has made this a game at 28-24 OSU.

BGSU-OSU: Cold Char-Achter

Bowling Green and Oklahoma State are playing like they are trading punch for punch but the only ones making any contact are the Cowgirls.

Shooting an early 38 percent, BGSU can't buy a bucket. No, Kate Achter isn't the culprit, her name just worked best with the title.

With 9:00 left in the first half, the score is 26-16 OSU.

Freshman Andrew Riley nailed a jumper and a long three in consecutive trips to up the Cowgirl lead.

BGSU-OSU: Boss Hog

I dare anyone to tell me that the Oklahoma State mascot wasn't created in the likeness of Burt Reynolds.

It's scary, they've got it right down to the giant head.

And OSU's junior 6-foot-1 forward Dominique Chism has an interesting haircut that is braided on the sides and one long pony tail-looking thing that kinda resembles a mohawk. If OSU are the Cowgirls, it looks like they should be riding Chism to victory.

After about four minutes, the score is 10-6 Oklahoma State and Ali Mann, BGSU's leading scorer and senior captain, had to be removed from the game for an apparent injury. It doesn't look to be too serious as she is standing on the bench cheering on her team.

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No. 7 Bowling Green vs. No. 10 Oklahoma State

In a cruel twisted joke made by the NCAA Selection Committee, Bowling Green and Oklahoma State meet in the first round wearing the EXACT same colors.

Thank you to whoever invented home and away unis because otherwise I'd never be able to tell these teams apart. And it's not like their colors are blue or something common...Orange?

BGSU is ranked No. 19 in the AP Poll and they have had an excellent season at 29-3 and winning the MAC conference tourney. OSU, from the Big 12, finished the year 20-10 and 8-8 in conference where they played against the likes of Oklahoma and Texas A&M, who together accounted for three of their losses.

What you have in this game is one small conference team playing superb basketball, and one larger conference team that hasn't won a big game--save Texas twice and at Iowa State.

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Vandy-DSU: It's A Wrap

Well, for about 36 minutes this was a hard-fought back-and-forth close game.

The last four minutes belonged to Vanderbilt and it made all the difference.

The 'Dores shot just 1-for-5 from long range at halftime but went 5-of-7 in the second, most coming near the end of the game to enhance their lead to an untouchable 61-46 with just over a minute remaining.

They only turned the ball over five times after halftime, they shot better, they played better defense and they will advance because of it.

You have to hand it to the Delaware State ladies, they kept fighting and never packed it in. Their team speed is unique and with a young team with not a single senior, the Lady Hornets just might be back in the Tournament next season.

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Vandy-DSU: Bad Boy Sighting

As the game drags on--and it is dragging--a gray-haired gentleman wearing a green-colored flannel shirt sitting across the way from myself looks very familiar.

That's because he's Detroit Shock coach and former Bad Boy Detroit Pistons forward Bill Laimbeer. He must be doing some scouting for April's WNBA draft.

With 7:01 to go its Vandy 46-40.

Vandy-DSU: The Crowd

What are we playing at Michigan State or something? Oh yeah, we are.

Roughly 75 percent of the crowd is donning green, and not for St. Patty's Day, that was yesterday. The MSU crowd is here and ready to rock and roll, except their team doesn't play until 7 p.m. The other 25 percent? Also Green, Bowling Green orange, that is. OK actually, some of that Bowling Green orange is actually Oklahoma State orange, they are essentially the same exact color. Still, it is mostly Falcons fans that made the trip.

In fact, the Falcons' team was watching the Vanderbilt game, scouting out their possible next opponent, and when they left the stands to get ready for their game in the locker room there was a resounding applause.

With 13:12 to go in the game at hand, Vanderbilt leads Delaware State, 40-34. Carla Thomas is now a perfect 7-for-7 from the field for 16 points, which begs the question, why is anyone else getting the ball?

Vandy-DSU: At The Half

Taking into consideration that Vanderbilt's bigs, Carla Thomas and Liz Sherwood, are a combined 6-for-7 from the floor with 15 points and anything they want inside, the halftime score of 28-24 is pretty impressive for the Lady Hornets.

Delaware State is using tenacious defense to stay involved in this game. They are outrunning Vanderbilt and getting their hands on every pass.

The good news for the Hornets: Despite being undersized and outworked on the glass 16-11, AND shooting just 31 percent from the field, they are only down four at half and have looked like the livlier team on the court.

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Vandy-DSU: Inside Presence

You have to hand it to Delaware State, they are not going away.

With 7:35 left in the first half it is a close 18-15 game. The Lady Hornets are doing everything they can right, forcing nine Vandy turnovers and stealing the ball four times for seven points off turnovers.

The problem for DSU is the size differential.

"We know we are undersized, but we have been undersized the whole year, so we're just planning on helping a lot inside and doing the best we can," said junior forward Katreem Palmer.

Right now, starting center Carla Thomas has eight points on 3-for-3 shooting inside and backup center, Liz Sherwood--6-foot-4--has four points on 2-for-2 shooting. The 'Dores seem to be getting anything they want down low.

Vandy-DSU: Quickness

After about five minutes Vanderbilt leads 5-4.

Delaware State is causing problems for the Vandy guards bringing up the ball and is also collapsing on Carla Thomas when she gets the ball down low.

The Hornets look quick out there, getting their hands on passes and deflecting them. They have forced Vandy into three early turnovers, something Commodores' coach Melanie Balcomb was concerned with.

"I think they are very athletic," Balcomb said during yesterday's press conference. "They're going to be fast, they're going to be smaller than us but I expect them to be pressuring us, denying us, and trying to get us out of our execution of the halfcourt, putting pressure on us, and using their quickness and atleticism."

So far, Delaware State has accomplished all those things, and still trail.

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No. 2 Vanderbilt vs. No. 15 Delaware State

This game is a battle between big time and small time.

Everything about Vanderbilt says they will win this game. The Commodores are nationally ranked and have a record of 27-5. They are coming off one of the biggest wins in program history when they defeated LSU to take the SEC Tournament title. Led by two seniors who know how to win big games, forward Carla Thomas (16.3 ppg, 6.4 rpg) and point guard Dee Davis, the smooth floor leader, Vanderbilt should not have that much trouble with DSU's defense.

Delaware State hasn't been here before. This is their first NCAA Tournament game, and it shows. Even their warm up jerseys look like hand-me-downs compared to Vandy's sleek Nike's. The band is dressed in T-shirts that look like they were pressed at one of those Ocean City beach novelty gift stores with signs that read, "T's, 7 for a $10."

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East Lansing Superlatives

I have arrived in East Lansing and Michigan State's Breslin Center. The statue of Earvin "Magic" Johnson outside the building sends shivers down your spine as you think about those years long ago when the Magic man ruled MSU's court.

On this day it will be first round action in the 2007 Women's NCAA Tournament and the day opens with the top seed in the location, No. 2 Vanderbilt, taking on the 15-seed Delaware State. Following that matchup will be 7-seed Bowling Green and 10-seed Oklahoma State. The winners of these games will face each other in Tuesday's second round.

Later this evening it will be Michigan State-Delaware (No. 5 vs. No. 12) and then to end the night, No. 4 Rutgers vs. 13-seed East Carolina.

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