January 28, 2008

Palming The Road To 64

Huzzah! Huzzah! CSTV.com's January 28 edition of Jerry Palm's "Road To 64" bracket has been released.

If you have been paying attention and hanging on to every typed word this blog has spewed forth, then you very well know how much I remain anti-Big Ten. Only Ohio State deserves to be in the NCAA Tournament, and that is simply because the AP and the Coaches have been ranking them all season, I'm still not buying the Buckeye's cow.

So you can expect that when I focused my vision on Mr. Palm's Jan. 28 bracket, noticing that not only was OSU in the NCAAs according to Palm, but so were five other Big Ten schools, I was a little surprised. Six teams for the most powerless of the power conferences? More teams then the ACC, SEC and Pac-10?

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