Some Wednesday Thoughts

By Brian Curtis - October 18, 2006

So Miami President Donna Shalala comes out yesterday with a press conference, fully supporting the punishments of the UM players and the coach, Larry Coker and embattled athletic director, Paul Dee. She is satisfied with the results and says case closed on the UM-FIU brawl. But for a well-respected school President and former Cabinet member, she should know better. She should know that the entire reputation of the University is at stake, not just the football program. How about the female athletes playing non-revenue sports? How about the economics professor? How about the student who couldn't care if Miami football was disbanded? Fair or not, the public image of a university is often through its sports programs, and Shalala should have done more to prove to everyone on campus, that she takes the reputation, and non-sports-related segment of the community, very seriously.

On our football shows this week, I have pointed out the poor strength of schedule numbers for the leasing contenders in the Big East. West Virginia has not played a difficult schedule. They can't control how good the Big East teams are, though Rutgers, Louisville and Pitt will help their SOS, but they can control their non-conference slate. I have no doubts that WVU is a very good football team, but I do have doubts that they can make the BCS national title game even going undefeated. The poll voters like the Mountaineers, the computers don't. So many things would have to happen for WVU to play for the title, that it just is unlikely. And remember, there is no guranatee that any of the Big East four will escape one another without a loss.

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self was pretty honest this week when asked about how the NCAA probation and loss of a scholarship and official visits will impact his program. Losing the scholarship isn't that big of deal since at least one, if not more, of Self's players are headed to NBA next season. As for the official visits, Kansas never used up its allotment anyway. The biggest hit may come on the recruiting trail when opposing coaches use the probation against KU.

Posted by Brian Curtis at 09:29 AM on October 18, 2006

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