A Crazy Saturday

By Brian Curtis - November 11, 2006

What an amazing day in college football. Auburn goes down, Cal goes down, Texas may go down (as of this writing), not to mention Louisville biting the dust on Thursday. I don't want to hear that parity is good for college football. No it is not. What's better is a dominant team in every conference wearing a target on their back every week as teams look to prove a point. To some, it might be great that the SEC has parity--to me, it hurts the conference and takes a common enemy out of the equation. How in the world did Cal lose to Arizona? Mike Stoops has had a so-so stint in Tucson and this upset came out of nowhere. Arkansas crushes Tennessee at home and I am done being an Arkansas hater. I give them my props. They just might be SEC-champ worthy. Florida certainly doesn't look that good. This weekend just proves to me that I am right in believing in the BCS. People just need to relax. When all is said and done, there will be a clear two teams left standing. And one of them won't be Rutgers, who will lose on the road to West Virginia. My bet? Ohio State and Michigan rematch for the title.

Posted by Brian Curtis at 10:54 PM on November 11, 2006

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