So What Does It Mean?

By Brian Curtis - November 03, 2006

I watched the Louisville-West Virginia game last night and I'm still not quite sure what I saw. I saw some impressive displays on offense, defenses who looked very JV, and a few special teams blunders. I probably saw the Big East champion, but a BCS national title contender? I have watched a lot of college football this season and hundreds of games, and I can honestly tell you that Louisville should not play for the national title if they win out. I could name four, maybe five teams, who are better all around programs this year, including some with one loss. I think it is great for L'ville and the Big East and it would be nice if they run the table, but there is no way they are desreving of a BCS title game berth. Certainly Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Texas and gasp, even Auburn, should get the go ahead in front of Louisville. I'm not hating on the Cardinals, just telling you like it is. Two teams combining for over 1,000 yards of offense may be pretty for some, but to me, it tells me those teams' defenses are not ready for prime time, no matter what their previous stats say. I would not be surprised if none of the Big Three in the Big East end up unbeaten. Louisville could lose to Rutgers next week. And Rutgers could lose to West Virginia. Bottom line??? The best outcome for the Big East last night didn't happen. Which would have been WVU blowing out Louisville.

Posted by Brian Curtis at 09:29 AM on November 03, 2006

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