I Love This Game!

By Brian Curtis - December 03, 2006

No Taking Issue episode that we have aired has created more of a stir than last week's show focused on the BCS and a potential playoff. The emails have been pouring in from all over, arguing how wrong college football has it or how critics of the BCS system are missing the point. One of our guests, Scott Ramsey, Chairman of the Football Bowl Association, proclaimed that a playoff would likely be the death bell for most of the bowls. I am sure the local communities might feel a little pinch but how much of a drop off do you really expect? I mean, for most bowl games, the only parties who care are the two schools involved the the bowl community. I don't think a playoff can do much harm. On the flip side, Boston College athletic director Gene DeFilippo prosposes an eight-team playoff using existing bowls. He might be on the right track, but will that really end the debate? Won't regular season games be made that much less meaningful and what about debates over who's in and who's out and seeding and home games? Yesterday's incredible day in college football has created a buzz for tonight's BCS announcement on Fox. To me, either Michigan or Florida is deserving. In my AP ballot last night, I put Michigan at #2. Here's what is great about the BCS. If we had an 8-team playoff, it is very likely that USC, despite its loss on Saturday to UCLA, would still have a shot at the national title. The BCS title game makes that virtually impossible.

Posted by Brian Curtis at 09:35 AM on December 03, 2006
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Both Michigan and Flordia had there chance to be the undisputed #2. Michigan lost by 3 to the number #1 team. Flordia lost to the #11 team by 10. To say that Flordia deserves a chance is unsound, they had their chance by going undefeated. We are now on second chances for both teams.

The BCS entrusted the Coaches and the Harris poll to determine the top 25 teams in the country. The coaches and the Harris poll have lost all credibility. Voting members came forward and admitted they would adjust their votes to get the match up they wanted instead of vote the teams in best order. The BCS got duped, their mission statement of #1 vs #2 was exploited by the voters being irresponsible in their duties. The media should take the voter to tasks for not doing the jobs they were entrusted to. It is unsportsmanlike to bend the rules and they know it. This gives all of college football a black-eye. How can voters go back and teach young men character and honesty when they display opposite traits.

The blatant propaganda by coaches and emotional media are disgusting. Saying one league is better than another is gigantic speculation that is good for bar room talk, but not for deciding which student athletes deserve to play for a championship.


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