Sir Knight

By Brian Curtis - December 28, 2006

In all likelihood, Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight will pass the legendary Dean Smith for the all-time wins record tonight, when his team takes on UNLV. For such a distinguished record, there should be more fanfare than there is. But there's not, beacuse of who is breaking it. As you know, Coach Knight and the media have not always seen eye-to-eye, despite the fact the coach gives some of the best quotes annually. You see, many in the media don't like Knight bullying them or disapprove of the way he talks to people. And what does that have to do with the record? Bobby Knight is what he is and frankly, doesn't seem to be the type I would be friends with. That being said, since when does a coach's personality impact his career achievements? You don't think some of the top coaches in the history of the games--all sports--were buttheads and treated people with scorn? Go behind the soundbites and press conferences into a practice and you'll see the true colors of a coach. They are all not as great as they seem. Bobby Knight has won almost 1,000 games, without cheating and without having kids make up a 20% graduation rate. I don't care if he is a ----- Players know what they are going to get from him when they sign their letter of intent, so they are to blame when they complain. We in the media should be celebrating Knight's historic achievement but we can't--because we are too caught up in how he makes his players feel--and us.

....I've been watching my share of bowl games this week and to their credit, there seems to be some excitement in the stadiums. The stands were packed at the Hawaii bowl, at the Emerald Bowl, heck, even the Motor City bowl. The key to filling a stadium is not having the best match-up, but having a "local" team participate. But before bowl executives pat themselves too hard on the back, wait until next year when they have two teams from 1,000 miles away....

...It was disappointing to see UCLA go out with a whimper in the second half against Florida State. It takes a bit of the luster off their upset of USC a few weeks back. Coach Karl Dorrell liked the effort. Coach, did you watch the same 4th quarter as the rest of us?

...We are taping a special edition of "Taking Issue" on January 8th, just before the BCS National Championship Game. We will take a look back at the rule changes this year, including instant replay and clock changes, as well as the ups and downs from an entertaining season.

Posted by Brian Curtis at 02:50 PM on December 28, 2006

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