Tape It Up: Florida: Intermission At The Tebow Show

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Florida: Intermission At The Tebow Show

Saturday night's spectacular win over Kentucky lifted Florida in the rankings, but may have come at an immeasurable cost. Florida's Superman quarterback Tim Tebow bruised his right shoulder in the second half of that 45-37 win over Kentucky. Although he was able to play through the pain in his non-throwing arm, just because head coach Urban Meyer says that he is going to limit the number of times Tebow carries the ball does not mean that he actually wants to. Or has a game plan that will allow him to.

In the fourth quarter of Saturday's game, Tebow hit Percy Harvin on a beautifully-executed 40-yard pass that set up his own game-sealing two-yard touchdown run, which would seem to suggest that the injury is not hampering his play at all. But all that wear and tear on his shoulder has got to take a toll at some point. Tebow accounted for more than 70 percent of the Gators' total offense in the game (and 73 percent of the team's offense this season) and given Meyer's plan to keep the QB out of all contact drills in practices this week, it might do the Florida staff good to come up with some alternative offensive schemes. Namely, ones that do not begin and end with Tim Tebow.

But that's hard to do when Tebow can do things like take four Kentucky defenders and carry them on his shoulder pads for an extra two yards. Tebow is used to taking big hits and running whenever he can, but there were several times on Saturday when he was not his usual elastic-snap-back self when getting up off the turf. And some of those came on plays when receivers were open, but Tebow instead chose to run.

"We have to be careful," Meyer said after the game. "We've got to continue to coach him up to manage the game. He's had so much success [running]. He's the kind of persona that takes it. That's a concern."

The sophomore finished with 78 yards rushing on 20 carries against Kentucky, many of which were not called run plays. Still, Meyer is very clear on what Tebow means to this offense:

"The thing we all have to understand is we can't get him hurt."

Now if only Tebow would understand that. The sophomore told reporters on Sunday that his shoulder is "fine." We'll see just how "fine" it is as the Gators continue preparations for No. 20 Georgia.

Major Issues
Tebow may be fine, but safety Major Wright and offensive tackle Carlton Medder are not. Wright, a key contributor to the Gators' secondary, broke his thumb and may require surgery on it. Even if it goes into a cast, he will not be able to grip his hand into a fist or grasp onto an opponent or a potential interception, which is a big problem. A decision on Wright will be made later this week. Medder was banged up with a heel injury, but it's unclear at this point just how serious that one is.

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