Tape It Up: Cal: Longshore Will Never Be The Same

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Cal: Longshore Will Never Be The Same

Cal quarterback Nate Longshore will get the start against USC on Saturday. Despite his lingering ankle injury, Longshore is the logical starter (especially after his backup's bonehead scramble against Oregon State lost the Bears the game and started their three-game downward sprial). But it is anything but comforting to Cal fans that head coach Jeff Tedford does not think his starter's ankle will ever fully recover, but he expects his QB to play through the pain for the rest of the season.

"It's probalby something that's going to stick with him here," Tedford said. "It's very difficult to let something completely heal like that. Maybe in a couple of weeks, when we get a bye, it'll let him recover a little bit. But I don't see him recovering that much in the next couple of weeks."

Longshore is completing 62.5 percent of his passes through 8 games, while backup Kevin Riley's completion percentage is down around 54. Longshore's 11:8 TD:INT ratio is far from ideal, but Longshore gives the Bears the best chance to win. Playing a healthy but green redshirt freshman over an injured but seasoned junior is not smart for the Bears' offense, and Tedford is smart enough to realize that.

Hopefully Tedford and his offensive staff can come up with some creative plays that will minimize the scrambling Longshore has to do on that bum ankle, at least until Nov. 18, when the team gets a week off. Until then, Longshore wil just have to play tough and hope teams don't go after his ankle.


to Carolyn Braff:

THANKS!! I needed that! I have been for the last week desperately searching anywhere for a reasonably sane quote by coaches team or player regarding Nathan longshore.

"It's probably something that's going to stick with him there -- it's very difficult to let something completely heal like that".

Gosh! What insight!
If I had my junior leaguer playing for a coach who said that about my child, and persisted in playing them, I would pull my kid, and fire a protest off to the coaches league....
?? So...? we just tough it out? Play through the pain?

Memo to Tedford:

This is not the movie "Gladiators".....
Insight: wounds DO heal -- if they're not completely and purposely abused while they are healing.

You are not playing for the Super Bowl -- all these kids need a more thoughtful process.

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