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By - November 29, 2006

When I was a junior and senior at the University of Connecticut I was privileged enough to be one of the voices of the men’s and women’s basketball team on the student radio station WHUS. The first or second game I ever attended was the opening of the 1994-1995 season in which the women’s team-who would finish undefeated and win their first national title that year-hosted Morgan State in an out of conference tilt. The final score was 107-27, a blood letting the likes of which I had not seen before and have not witnessed since. A couple of years later they would hold Loyola (MD) to 22 points and have even held conference opponents to under 30 at various times.

This used to be much more common then it is now in women’s basketball. Over the years, as the sport has become more popular the talent gap has closed between the top flight teams and the bottom feeders.

Though getting torched by 80 points or more must be absolutely demoralizing for the loser it’s kind of fun as a fan. Last night in men’s hoops there were two eye-popping games not unlike the Huskies trouncing of Morgan State all those years ago. Florida held Southern University to 27 points without Corey Brewer holding the Jaguars to the lowest point total by an opponent since the inception of the shot clock Farther west the team that beat the Gators just the other day, Kansas had a similar experience with Ivy League foe Dartmouth who did manage to break 30 in losing 83-32.


Typical of me I have watched just one game in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge and to most people it would be the least attractive.

Northwestern beat Miami last night to move to 4-2 as Hurricanes coach Frank Haith struggles with the recent death of his nephew. Sean Bell was killed by New York City police on Saturday following his bachelor party. The story is getting a lot of publicity in New York as people question the level of force used by police.

The Hurricanes were a one man show on Tuesday night with sophomore guard Jack McClinton scoring 30 points and nobody else on the team managing double-digits.

The Wildcats may be better then advertised this year having beaten a pretty talented DePaul team and now Miami but losing close games to Cornell and Stanford. They play in a style typical of their coach; former Princeton head man Bill Carmody and when they are executing properly they’re tough to beat but the margin for error is razor thin and in the talented Big Ten that has always cost them in the end. The Wildcats have never been to the NCAA Tournament but in a pretty weak season for the conference this could be a chance for them to sneak into the top half of the league and make a run at the that elusive bid.

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