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If you regularly read this blog then you may have noticed that I haven’t been updating it as much as I should or for that matter at all. First let me take a moment to apologize, when I started doing this I puffed out my chest and claimed that I wished to challenge Elliot “The Rink Rat” Olshansky for domination of Slogville. That has certainly not happened in large part because of other aspects of my job getting in the way and also because I’m just not as dedicated as Elliot is. Brother really digs college hockey, we’ll leave it at that.

That said I think there’s a lesson in this for all of us, or at least for me and that is that TV is really hard work. I’m not sure I truly appreciated that prior to the project I am currently working on (which is, by the way, a documentary on the 1951 University of San Francisco Dons football team which will air February 14th at 10 PM eastern time) but producing an entire half an hour of television has humbled me.

It might be helpful to share with you what the differences would be between writing a story about, say, Kevin Durant and doing a feature on the exact same subject for air on the network.

Kevin Durant column checklist

• Call sports information office and set up interview with Kevin Durant et al
• Interview Kevin (Over the phone)
• Set up interviews with parents or coaches
• Interview parents or coached (over the phone)
• Write piece
• Have piece fact checked and edited
• Publish

Kevin Durant TV feature checklist

• Call sports information and set up interview with Kevin et al
• Fly to Austin
• Interview Kevin, teammates and coach
• Make sure everyone has signed guest releases
• Shoot practice
• Shoot campus scenics and supporting video
• Come home
• Set up interview with high school coach, mom and dad
• Drive to Maryland to interview parents and coach
• Interview parents and coach
• Make sure everyone has signed guest releases
• Shoot scenics of Kevin’s high school and hometown
• Come home
• Transcribe all interviews
• Log all scenics and practice
• Search for game footage of Kevin Durant
• Log game footage of Kevin Durant
• Obtain any pictures you might need for use in the piece (possibly personal photos from his childhood)
• Set up and shoot pictures
• Make sure the footage you want to use is cleared and if it isn’t obtain clearance
• Write and lay out sound for piece
• Get script fact checked by research department
• Have all of your tapes ingested (everything is done digitally so all the footage and interviews have to be ingested onto a server so they can be edited)
• Pick music for your piece
• Edit piece
• Fill out footage and photo report
• Fill out music cue sheet
• Fill out cut sheet detailing how long the piece is and all of the things the people using the piece in their shows need to know
• Air piece

Don’t get me wrong, writing is not easy and I have tons of respect for those that make a career of it but as you can see when it comes to the amount of pure labor involved there’s really no comparing. I guess this all a rather extravagant way of explaining where I’ve been the last month or so. Sorry

Eagles have landed

The last time I wrote for this blog I picked the field of the NIT and for some stupid reason included Boston College. It was right after Sean Williams was kicked off the team and I was convinced that would torpedo the Eagles season but it has not. Since Williams’ dismissal B.C. has gone 4-2 and remain tied for first place in the ACC with Virginia.


Last year Winthrop came within seconds of upsetting second seeded Tennessee in the NCAA tournament and a year later it looks like they maybe just as dangerous this time around.

The eagles are 10-0 in conference and 20-4 overall with their four losses coming to #4 Wisconsin, #5 North Carolina, #6 Texas A&M and Maryland (at the time undefeated and ranked 24th).

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