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By - February 17, 2007

There's nothing like sitting in the studio on a Saturday with nine televisions in front of you and taking in some college hoops. As I blog I'm watching UConn-Syracuse, Washington-Pitt, Alabama-Kentucky, Mississippi State-LSU and an Oklahoma-Texas Tech women's game to boot.

Boy but Pittsburgh is average. Everyone in the Big East had high hopes for the Panthers but the more I watch them the more they seems like a one and out team come March. It looks like they'll escape Washington with a win but considering the games on their home court and the Huskies have been lackluster for most of the season it's not exactly a win to hang your hat on.

Great win for Vanderbilt today at one of my favorite arenas in the country Memorial Gym. The raised court and the benches on the endlines instead of on the sidelines, love it. Brings to mind the glory days of Vanderbilt basketball when Duke transfer Billy McCaffery delighted crowds with his scrappy, Hurley-like play. I did a google search for McCaffery and learned that he was for a time the interim head coach at Saint Bonaventure, then went to Maine and has not been heard from since. I also learned that he looks a lot like Quinn Snyer, check him out.

Connecticut has 18 points with eight minutes left in the second half, an epic offensive output for the Huskies this season. The last time they played Syracuse it felt like the two teams should have been shooting at peach baskets given the offensive sophistication they displayed.

Though they're only 12-16 it must be fun to be a VMI fan this season. the Keydets are averaging 102.9 points per contest this season, that's 15 more then their closest competition North Carolina. They've scored 100 points in a game 16 times this season but, as is usually the case with teams like this, it's also been a great year to be the fan of a VMI opponent. The Keydets have allowed 98.9 points per contest

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Well, I knew the UCONN men would have a rough season being a very young team. I cannot believe that they were not strong enough to make "the dance"- especially with the experienced coaching staff UCONN has been gifted with. There is going to be a lot of pressure on the team (and Calhoun) during the next couple of seasons to produce. Do you think this will have a negative impact on UCONN's success? Also, where the hell has the Rutger's sports programs come from? Basketball (mens and women's) or football, this school is will soon be a powerhouse in conference match-ups and bowl games. I wish the sports program was this good when I went to school there, maybe I wouldn't such a huge UCONN fan? Curious on your insight...

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