ACC: The Seminole Show

By Jessica Garrison - July 23, 2006

The nominations for Best Performance By A Player In Group Interviews are in, and Florida State's representation has stolen the show. Senior linebacker Buster Davis and senior running back Lorenzo Booker brought the best-organized comedy routine I've seen in a while to the first session of media day interviews.

Davis is playfully regal with the press, explaining his formula for success (complete with algebraic outline) or defining a leader in no uncertain (or brief) terms for the assembled masses. Booker is much more reserved, certainly more calm and looks at Buster, "B.D." with affectionate bemusement. But when an unsuspecting reporter asked Florida native Davis what was so special about the state of Florida's football farming, Davis used it as an opportunity to lob an anti-California insult in Oxnard, Calif. native Booker's direction. And oh baby was it on.

We the press simply sat back with recorders running and watched these guys argue playfully like the Sawgrass ballroom was just another sidline or locker room, two guys fighting over which state turned out more Hall of Famers, more championships, more big names. The fight was officially declared a draw, but not before the two had firmly established that expansion or no, the ACC is still in large part the Seminoles' show.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 04:34 PM on July 23, 2006

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