Big 12: Opposite Ends

By Adam Caparell - July 24, 2006

And on the other end of the Big 12 spectrum from Nebraska and Bill Callahan we have Baylor and entertaining coach Guy Morriss - whether he means to be or not - giving a blunt and to the point answer to one reporter's questions.

When one reporter asked Morriss - after speaking with Baylor DB C.J. Wilson - if he planned to take his team to Arrowhead, just like Callahan took the Cornhuskers, Morriss deadpanned, "No ma'am. We're not here to sightsee."

Baylor's been picked to fnish sixth in the Big 12 South. Needless to say it got more than a chuckle out of everyone assembled around Morriss' table.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 02:57 PM on July 24, 2006

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