Big East: All Media Team

By Adam Caparell - July 18, 2006

Best Coach: Rich Rodriguez, West Virginia
Rodriguez was extremely accommodating to everyone, answered all the questions asked of him in his West Viriginia accent, and didn't just give cliched coaching answers for everything. I wish Louisville coach Bobby Petrino could have followed Rodriguez's lead and opened up a little more.

Best Player: Michael Bush, Louisville
Gave some insightful answers and clearly felt comfortable talking to the media, at great lengh, about a number of things.

Honorable Mentions
Dan Mozes, West Virginia
Gave, good, insightful answers to a lot of questions. Well-versed in speaking with the media, especially for an offensive lineman.

Tyler Palko, Pittsburgh
Brief answers to a lot of the questions thrown his way, but he quickly got to the point without using any cliches. Seemed generally interested in answering questions, despite writing on a notepad throughout the interview session.

Most Robotic: Brian Brohm, Louisville
L'ville SID Rocco Gasparro told me on the golf course that Brohm was a little programmed when it came to interviews and he was dead on. Gave a lot of cliched answers to qustions, but assured us that he felt 100% with his repaired knee and that he has no apprehensions entering the season.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 12:11 PM on July 18, 2006

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