Big East: End Of The Road

By Adam Caparell - July 18, 2006

The Louisville contingent of Brian Brohm, Michael Bush and Nate Harris just left the Viking, officially putting an end to Big East Media Day in Newport. Overall impressions: Big time kudos to the Big East for putting together two straight days of excellent events.

Monday's golf outing at Newport National Golf Club was great. They picked a great course to play and the staff there was tremendous. They did a great job with the clambake last night. Very rare is the occasion where the media is served almost limitless amounts of lobster and liquor for any function. That was the case Monday night, along with the beautiful setting at Fort Adams State Park and Eisenhower Hall. There was a gorgeous, red sunset as the the evening turned into night. And there's nothing like a little drinking and schmoozing to promp top notch info, story ideas and pitches back and forth between media members and school officials, coaches and players.

Tuesday's Media Day at the Viking was well done overall. Another excellent spread for the our lunch and the hotel here is an amazing place. Just beautiful. Time was the only issue here. People covering the Big East on a national level - like myself - definitely needed more than one hour to speak with all the players and coaches that we wanted to. I'm pretty sure some other media members brought that up with Big East officials, and hopefully they'll take the advice and improve on things for next year. If you're a beat guy down here to cover your team, it's a pretty good setup. It's just not as advantageous for guys doing it nationally.

But again, other than the time issue, my hats off to the Big East. Job well done and on the media's good side you are after a couple of days like this. That's it from here in Newport. Time to literally hit the road in hopes of beating the traffic in Connecticut on my way back to New York. I wonder who Mad Dog is going to have on the program?

Posted by Adam Caparell at 01:20 PM on July 18, 2006

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