Mountain West: It's Hot in San Diego

By Jason Owens - July 17, 2006

O.K. -- I know the rest of free world doesn't want to hear complaints about how hot it is in Southern California. But we're spoiled here, and when we have consecutive days in the 90s -- with humidity -- people get testy. And as I try to explain to my friends back home in North Carolina, when you don't have air conditioning, as most rental units in San Diego don't, those few weeks when the weather isn't absolutely perfect are tough to swallow.

Alas, I'm stoked to be spending time at Mountain West Media Day (technically media days, since it's a two-day event) where I get to spend a night in a posh air-conditioned room at the Coronado Island Marriott across the bay from downtown San Diego.

But that's not the only reason I'm excited to be here. With endless buffets, beautiful beaches and an unofficial kickoff to my football coverage for 2006, this is one of my favorite events of the year. And -- I've only been here for a couple of hours and I've already gotten a juicy tidbit of information.

BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall approaches media coverage of his Cougars the same way President George W. Bush does coverage of his administration. In short, he doesn't. Like Bush famously said in 2003 about not reading newspapers, Mendenhall said this morning he doesn't read or watch coverage of BYU football.

"I try to make the decisions that I know to be right for the program," Mendenhall said. "Because of the exposure (of the program), it is what it is; and quite frankly, I try to pay as little attention to that as possible so I can keep my head clear to make decisions I know are right."

Mendenhall says he started this policy after he received a hateful anonymous letter before his first season as head coach at BYU. After reading the letter, he and his wife decided it would be best for them personally to protect their quality of life by avoiding such criticism.

So far, there's not much to criticize. In his first year in 2005, Mendenhall led the Cougars to their first bowl appearance since 2001 and looks to have BYU poised to compete for the MWC crown in 2006.

But -- enough about football. The lunch buffet started 30 minutes ago and I've got to set priorities. I'll check back in this afternoon.

Posted by Jason Owens at 01:51 PM on July 17, 2006
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Who can think about this stuff. I can't see any of the MWC on tv because comcast and cstv are holding out on the mtn. Why should I care about the MWC anymore. I can't get excited about something I can't see. I guess I don't have any faith.

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