Mountain West: New Rules

By Jason Owens - July 18, 2006

New rules concerning the game clock were a big topic of conversation at Mountain West Media Day. In an attempt to shorten games and effectively make football more television friendly, the NCAA has adopted new clock procedures for 2006.

The biggest modification deals with change of possession. Instead of waiting until a team snaps the ball to start the clock, officials will start the clock as soon as the ball is placed after a possession change. The NCAA hopes to shave five minutes off the average game time with the new rule. The verdict is still out on whether coaches are happy about it.

"I really believe it could impact four or five minutes of the game," said Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry, who runs a ball-control option attack. "That's going to reduce the number of plays. What I'm asking is, are we doing the game for the benefit of television, or the fans or the administration -- to get them out of the stadium in a short period of time? Or is it a great rule for the kids? Playing 12 games -- playing a few less plays might be good over the course of the season."

San Diego State coach Chuck Long anticipates it having an effect on game strategy.

"You may see more timeouts," Long said. "I understand that they want to speed up games. We'll see (how it plays out)."

Posted by Jason Owens at 04:07 PM on July 18, 2006

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