Big Ten: Shooting Down the Age Factor

By - August 01, 2006

New Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema has a huge task in front of him trying to replace Barry Alvarez, but when asked about the challenge and if age is at all a factor, the 36-year-old coach seemed to be very confident and up to the challenge, as Bielema is hoping to bring his youthful energy to the Badgers.

"I don't think my age is a factor," Bielema siad. "Age is just a number. When coaches are older, they try to look younger and when you're younger you try to look older," Bielema said.

"So I gues I'm in the middle right now at 36, so I don't know what I'm trying to do right now," Bielema remarked as the room filled with laughter.

Bielema does understand that it will take a lot to replace someone like Barry Alvarez. "He came here and built a program that no one thought could be built," Bielema said. "He brought Wisconsin to a level of greatness, and for me to tell you all the great things about him would take longer than 15 minutes."

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