Bonehead Bomar

By Adam Caparell - August 03, 2006

So the question is, what will the Sooners do now that Rhett Bomar is no longer their quarterback?

The options aren’t promising.

They have Joey Halzle, a sophomore junior college transfer, or sophomore Hays McEachern or freshman Sam Bradford.

They could possibly turn to Paul Thompson, the only guy with D-IA experience on the roster, but he got moved to WR after losing the position to Bomar.

So it looks like their chances in the Big 12 South – let alone on the national scene – just may have passed them by after the announcement came down yesterday.

But back to Bomar. What was this guy thinking.?

Obviously the guy just didn’t get it in the end. It looks to be a case of where his ego far outweighed his intelligence, or more like common sense.

How he could have tried to pass off reportedly working just five hours a week and getting paid for 40 is ridiculous, and at a car dealership that’s been scrutinized before in dealings with other Oklahoma players (i.e. Adrian Peterson), just goes beyond comprehension.

And this isn’t his first time he’s been involved in some controversies or legal problems.

Bomar was twice cited for alcohol possession by a minor and was also cited for hosting a nuisance party near campus.

You have to give Bob Stoops some big credit for having the guile to kick him off the team and not just suspend him, along with the administration. In so many cases in college you see cases where guys should be kicked off or suspended for the season for poor, poor behavior, yet are allowed to play because when it comes down to it, winning is really everything because it brings in the most money. Especially in football, the biggest money generator of them all.

Stoops took a stand – the right one – and it will cost his team.

And it’s also going to cost Peterson now that opponents will be focusing squarely on him.

It looks like Bomar just threw out the window Oklahoma’s Big 12 title chances, their national title chances and Peterson’s Heisman Trophy chances.

Don’t forget to write your thank you notes Texas fans.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 12:20 PM on August 03, 2006
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who's picked for the national title this year? ohio state. who's thier qb ? troy smith . who if you remember also messed himself up but tressel not being the idiot bob stoops is suspended him and the guy learned his lesson and is behaving himself.Bomar also was a real idiot but is it worth it to toss him ? hell no!

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