Bye Comes At Good Time For Gators

By Adam Caparell - October 18, 2006

After their tough loss to Auburn last week, the bye week is coming at a pretty good time for Florida and coach Urban Meyer. The Gators, owners of arguably the nation’s toughest schedule, just got down with a gauntlet of a run through SEC play that featured five straight games against Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, LSU and the Tigers.

Meyer said his approach to the bye week this year will be a little different compared to last’s.

"Last year we had to make some adjustments with personnel and the system. This year we’re dealing with a team that is worn out and we played like it,” Meyer said. “We've played so many games consecutively against such tough opponents. We’re tired. We've got to maintain focus, but we have to rest our players some too. There are certain players that are banged up that we're going to rest, but others that we know we need to put in full pads because they've got some work to do."

It’ll be interesting to see how a refreshed Gators squad responds to its loss when they face Georgia in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party Oct. 28.

- Yes, it’s admirable that Adrian Peterson wants to come back to play in Oklahoma’s bowl game after sustaining a broken collarbone in the Sooners win over Iowa State last weekend.

But Peterson must have been under the influence of painkillers when he met with the media Wednesday and said he’s intending to return this year. Peterson shouldn’t even consider playing in another Oklahoma Sooners game. The stud running back is going to make millions in the NFL and there’s no reason why he should risk himself again next year, for nothing.

He probably already has an insurance policy out on himself, but still. Peterson is by far the best running back in the country. He’s bound to be one of the top picks in this spring’s NFL Draft and is going to get a huge signing bonus from some running back starved team. He has nothing left to prove in college. He’s shown that he’s a man amongst boys on the playing field.

Peterson hasn’t exactly shown he’s invincible. This is his second major shoulder injury that he’s suffered since coming to Oklahoma and he missed some significant time last year with an ankle injury.

The broken collarbone isn’t being treated with surgery, which will help his recovery time, but Peterson said he’d like to be back on the field in four weeks. Trainers said he could be back in about six weeks.

It’s a nice thought – it really is – having Peterson triumphantly return to the field to lead Oklahoma back to one last rousing victory. But how realistic - or smart, for that matter - is it?

Not particularly in my opinion.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 06:18 PM on October 18, 2006

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