One Of Those Days?

By Adam Caparell - October 07, 2006

So Wake Forest and Auburn are no longer undefeated after suffering losses earlier this afternoon. Is it shaping up to be one of those days? I think so.

Clemson coming back on Wake Forest and Auburn falling to Arkansas, a big surprise, could just be the tip of the iceberg today.

Auburn's defense just didn't come to play. They allowed two rushing touchdowns after not allowing a rushing TD all season, over 250 yards on the ground in total and got themselves into an early hole that they never could climb out of. LSU has new life in the SEC West and let's see if they take advantage of it against the Gators.

We came into the afternoon with - off the top of my head I believe - nine ubeaten teams and we're going to leave with a lot less.

For one, I think LSU is going to knock off Florida from the ranks of the unbeaten later today. Michigan should beat Michigan State, but you can never put it past the Spartans not to come out of nowhere and put a huge scare on the Wolverines.

Georgia is hosting Tennessee and the Bulldogs aren't going to survive this meeting with the Vols. So there's another unbeaten going down. And Oregon is going to have a tough, tough game today against Cal in Berkley. MIssouri could easily lose to Texas Tech. Best of luck to these unbeatens. It seems Ohio State is the only lock to come away perfect. It seems.

- Once again, we're seeing how critical it is to make an extra point. Minnesota's Jason Gianni just botched one in the first overtime against Penn State. The Nittany Lions just got a nonsense pass interfernce call on fourth down to keep the game going and scored a touchdown. Extra point good. It just doesn't seem that difficult to kick a 17-yard field goal. Poor Gophers. They had Penn State.

Posted by Adam Caparell at 03:25 PM on October 07, 2006

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