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By Adam Caparell - November 19, 2006

So the question now is are we going to get a rematch? There’s no doubt that Ohio State and Michigan played an amazing game Saturday, one that’s going to go down as a classic in the series and will be talked about for the rest of the year. But if you ask me, the prospects of seeing a rematch are looking ever more probable. The answer, however, we should get to rematch question is no.

Michigan lost and in college football you are penalized more harshly for losing late in the season. It’s pretty much as simple as that. We’ll see how the voters react to Michigan’s loss tomorrow. You’re going to see Michigan drop in the polls, but not that much. I’m guessing we’ll see the Wolverines right around No. 3. I really don’t see these voters penalizing Michigan, even though they really should.

I think it was pretty clear that we probably saw the two best teams in the nation. But I just don’t want to see another game between the two. Let’s get someone the Buckeyes haven’t played yet in that title game. Let’s get a matchup we would have loved to have seen in the regular season, but one that didn't happen.

Let’s put the Trojans in there with the Buckeyes.

If USC can run the table, beat Notre Dame and UCLA, then they should get a crack at Ohio State. Michigan should be relegated to the Rose Bowl – not a bad consolation prize – and the Trojans vaulted to Glendale. The Trojans have played a difficult schedule, have lost a close game on the road, and have the talent to play with the Buckeyes. USC is peaking over these past few weeks and they’re going to take care of Notre Dame and UCLA and should be rolling into the Jan. 8 game.

But if I’m a betting man right now, I’d put some money down on a rematch between the Big Ten rivals. It shouldn’t happen. It’s not supposed to happen. But it’s going to. Think about it objectively. I agree with a lot of people in that there are few, if any, teams that can really play with the Buckeyes and one of those teams is Michigan. But if you play by the rules, Michigan shouldn't get another crack at them.

So under the criteria of how these teams are supposed to be judged, how they’re supposed to be evaluated and graded, Michigan should be playing for the Roses, not the championship trophy in a month and a half.

- As an aside, any surprise that Cal’s secondary had a little trouble with that USC passing attack? Booty to Smith and Jarrett is the best trio in the nation if you ask me. A close second is Louisville’s Brohm to Douglas and Urrutia.

- Kind of funny how Auburn and Alabama was almost relegated to non-existent status. I think I checked into the game once of twice all day long. Who won?

- Did momentum carry over anywhere in the country this week? Apparently not. Rutgers losses to Cincinnati. Kansas State losses to Kansas. Connecticut losses to Syracuse.

Actually, it did for one team. Arizona, off that big win over Cal, beat Oregon. In Eugene no less. It really looks as if Mike Stoops is going to get the Wildcats to a bowl game.

- A banged up Wake Forest team against a much more talented Virginia Tech team did not make for a good mix in Winston Salem for the Demon Deacons. The one thing that surprised me was how un-disappointed Wake was that they lost to Tech. That's never a good sign, even if the game didn't mean a whole lot for their division title aspirations.

- Good point brought up earlier this week: what purpose did it serve Florida playing Western Carolina this late in the season? Just have an open date, just take the week off. You only risk injury, the outcome was determined when the game was scheduled and you only kill your BCS standings because of the lack of respect a win like this will bring.

- How bad did this season turn out for Iowa? Ending the year with a loss to Minnesota. Fortunately for Kirk Ferentz, it’s mercifully over.

- Way to show you’re worth the money the university ponied up for you this week. Gary Pinkel losses to foot-out-the-door Dan McCarney and Iowa State. How quickly that talk of a Big 12 North title has faded away with the Tigers.

Biggest Win: Ohio State. They’re going to play for the national championship. I’d say that qualifies as pretty big.

Worst Loss: Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights had a great opportunity in front of them with Syracuse coming up next weekend at home before that big game against West Virginia to end the season. But they didn’t show up against Cincinnati, got an awful game out of their quarterback Mike Teel, and now probably won’t be heading to any BCS bowl.

It’s still a successful season, by any stretch of the imagination, for Rutgers. But moving out to 10-0, with a great shot at 11-0, before that game in Morgantown was well within reach and they simply blew it, big time.

Took A Step Forward: SMU, Arizona, Troy Smith's ironclad grasp on the Heisman

Took A Step Bacl: Oregon, Rutgers and Mike Teel

"Notre Dame is a better team than we are. We all know that." – Army coach Bobby Ross after his team lost 41-9 to the Irish Saturday in South Bend. If there’s one thing about Ross you can always count on, he’s going to give it to you straight.

AC Top 10
1. Ohio State
2. USC
3. Michigan
4. Arkansas
5. Notre Dame
6. Florida
7. West Virginia
8. LSU
9. Wisconsin
10. Louisville

Posted by Adam Caparell at 03:08 AM on November 19, 2006

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